WEEKEND READATHON: Many lives, Many masters.

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Welcome to another write-up of the weekend readathon! today we would like to talk about another classic novel that would surely grab your attention and make you want to read it nonstop without any break!

  We are talking about the book writing by one of the most prominent psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss. The story is about his young patient and her past-life therapy that changed both their lives also one of the most amazing facts is that the story of the Novel is based on real-life incidents.

   The book is quite a fascinating read, it will surely get you hooked from the beginning till the end. It talks about reincarnation.
    Many Lives, Many Masters talks about 12 past lives of the 86 total lives. It is interesting to see how a skeptic research scholar is drawn towards spirituality and instead of focusing on giving more tranquilizers and antidepressants; he preferred to go with the flow of the mind and soul. The regressions helped his subject, Catherine’s insights of life’s difficult situations, and helped her uproot the problems completely. Not only had the regressions proved significant to Catherine but also helped in providing enlightenment and enhancing the already balanced life of Dr. Weiss.

     Reincarnation is one of the most interesting topics to read and learn about and also is one of the phenomena that many in the field of science yet to understand completely. We do not feel comfortable with the thought that everything would end with ‘death’. There are certain things that the soul carries with itself, the understandings, insights, and consciousness are what keeps us moving, rowing through the journey of life and death. There is no end of life, just a door. When we die, we might enter the other door, this thought process provides fuel which helps in harnessing more skills and helps in gaining peace. After reading this amazing book, you’ll get an idea of attaining peace.

     Everybody must read this book, some of life’s concepts will get better. For instance, one should not take everything seriously in life, the only truth is the concept of ‘life and death’, rest everything is abstract and a phase that’ll fade away like clouds in the sky.

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