Web Series Re-Visit – Life Lesson Learnt From Hansal Mehta’s Powerful Drama Scam 1992

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Scam 1992 was able to refresh the events of Indian Stock Market Scam which took place in Mumbai in 1992 was the biggest market scam committed by Harshad Mehta eventually causing a huge crash in the stock market.

Scam 1992 was praised for its magnificent direction, brilliant performances and captivating story. Let us find out the lesson learnt from the Hansal Mehta directed web-series :-

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  1. Be Happy With What You Have

Harshad Mehta catapulted from an ordinary common man to the “Amitabh Bachchan Of Indian Stock Market” whose rise was sudden and quick. Unfortunately his greed to earn more money and gain power eventually brought him down.

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2. Always Think Before You Invest

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Equities are amazing tool that will help you to make quick buck but always research before you invest. Never go by speculation from media, relatives or even friend’s suggestion. It is your hard earned money, you are accountable for it. In Scam 1992, many investors lost money as they blindly invested in those companies for which Harshad Mehta bought huge number of shares.

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3. Listen to your family.

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At the time of distress, always listen to your near and dear ones, especially family, as they will always be there to support you. When Harshad Mehta was involved in the scam, his brother always warned him to get out of all these lies and lead a simple life. Unfortunately, Harshad Mehta’s ego and arrogancy came in his way.

4. Expertise Yourself To Succeed In Life

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Though there is always a debate if Harshad Mehta was an ace investor or a good salesman, but he was expert in his field and he knew what he was doing. If you have sufficient knowledge, create opportunity so that it will benefit your organization.

Knowledge with hard work will definitely pay off.

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