Cheapest Winter Markets Across India: From Mumbai, Delhi To Kullu!

This article looks at some of the cheapest winter markets around India, with a focus on cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kullu. These markets offer a variety of items including clothing, food, and souvenirs at competitive prices.

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Winter Markets

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Are you looking for unique and exciting winter markets to explore? India provides a vast array of winter markets for you to discover and explore, while not breaking the bank. Many of India's winter markets can be discovered in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kullu, but there are so many more to explore.


Delhi is home to some of India's most enchanting winter markets. The Dilli Haat in South Delhi is full of vibrant jewelry, saris, handicrafts, and more. Here, you'll find excellent winter discounts on traditional clothing, artwork, and knick-knacks. The Janpath market is full of interesting souvenirs, ranging from jewelry to folklore. The famous Chor Bazaar Wala Bazaar in Chandni Chowk offers a wide variety of winter clothing for as low as Rs 30 per piece. Those on shoe-shopping trips will find bargains aplenty at the Sadar Bazaar. Here, you can find whatever you need for just Rs 500.

Moving to Mumbai, you’ll discover the Mangaldas Market, also known as the ‘fabric market of India’. This vibrant and jovial market is not only full of winter bargains but also offers a unique shopping experience. Here, you'll find saris, sarees, traditional and contemporary fabrics, blankets, and local crafts – all at great winter discounts. Don’t miss haggling for your beloved winter pieces.

Another incredible winter market in India is the Mashobra Farmer’s Market in Kullu. This is the perfect place to find warm winter woolen and be enticed by the local Kullu cuisine. This market is full of thousands of native Himachali products and winter merchandise, and it's available at prices that cannot be matched anywhere else.


So, if you’re looking for unique and interesting winter markets, India has plenty of options. From Delhi, Mumbai, and Kullu, you can find winter merchandise at excellent rates. Get your camel bag packed and explore some of India’s best winter markets without hurting your wallet!

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