7 Days of Rain: Rainstorm Warning for Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

A severe seven-day long rainstorm is set to hit Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, prompting a warning for residents. Severe flooding and landslides are expected, so take precautions and be prepared for potential damage.

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Rainstorm Warning

Image Credits: Rainstorm Warning

As Cyclone Oma approaches the Eastern coast of Australia, the three major cities of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are bracing themselves for an epic 7 days of rain ahead. For Sydneysiders in particular, this might be a shock to the system after the city’s prolonged drought over the past several years.


Starting Monday, Sydneysiders are expecting periods of heavy rainfall over the coming week with flooding a distinct possibility in some areas. The Bureau of Meteorology has officially issued a rainstorm warning for Sydney and neighbouring areas with severe thunderstorms expected as well. Meanwhile, residents of Brisbane have been warned about the possibility of record daily rainfall and Brisbane City Council has even closed several parks for the duration of the storm. 

In what may come as a relief to those in Melbourne, the City of Melbourne is only expecting isolated showers over the coming week. However, residents have been warned to prepare for flash flooding, which can still arise in the event of heavy rainfall.

Regardless of where you live, it’s important to take the rainstorm warning seriously and begin preparing now. Ensure that you have waterproof clothing and secure any loose items that could be carried away in the event of floods. Also, check that your sandbags are properly stocked and ready and ensure that any riverside blockages that may have developed over the last few months have been cleared. 

Speaking of rivers, the risk of river floods in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne is particularly high over the coming 7 days and could exceed the levels seen in 2016. This is of particular concern in Sydney because Sydney Harbour will be subject to large waves and potential ferry service interruptions.

Ultimately, these 7 days of rain will probably be rather unwelcome in many parts of the East coast of Australia, especially as the summer months are usually so warm and dry. Everyone is encouraged to remain vigilant and take the necessary precautions to ensure that they remain safe.

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