‘We are telling the world what good Indian content truly stands for!’ : With back to back hits, Anushka says she is proud that Clean Slate Filmz has shown the world what good Indian content can be


Anushka Sharma and her brother Karnesh Ssharma are riding on two back to back successes with Pataal Lok and Bulbbul. With strong content, these shows have captured the imagination of audiences resulting in the brother-sister producer duo garnering heaps of praise for their clutter-breaking attempt at changing the content landscape of India. Anushka is simply thrilled that through streaming giants, her projects have reached out to audiences globally.

“Karnesh and I are relishing how Clean Slate Filmz has shaped up over the years. We have given our everything to nurture our company and we have taken gutsy baby steps into changing the content landscape. There is a ton of work to be done to achieve what we set out to do and I’m happy that we are contributing towards giving audiences something new to watch always and also telling the world what good Indian content truly stands for,” says Anushka.

The superstar adds, “Looking back, when I was 25 and starting my production venture, I was sure that Clean Slate Filmz will have a distinct identity that will be unique and original. I was sure that we will shape this identity through the content we produce to entertain audiences worldwide. I remember our first discussion point was how we will be careful in breaking away from producing common subjects. I’m glad we stuck to our gut and never compromised on this mission because we have so many reasons to celebrate today.”

Anushka is proud of the journey of Clean Slate Filmz. “I’m proud of our body of work because all of them have stood out for originality. I’m proud seeing the number of talented people we have managed to empower through our production house. I’m proud that we have produced content that has been unanimously loved by audiences and have become talking points,” she says.

Karnesh says they has been chasing the dream to create the best content for audiences. “When Anushka and I decided to start Clean Slate Filmz 6 years ago, it truly came from a place of love for films. In the course of this journey, we fortunately met like-minded and talented writers, directors, technicians and actors. From the first day, we had an open-door policy for young artists and if you look at the films and web show which we have produced, we have tried to give a platform to fresh voices through distinctive story telling,” he says.

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