Watch The Coming Episode Of Indie Hain Hum Season 2, To Witness The Most Candid Side Of Tanishk Bagchi With Tulsi Kumar!

Watch The Coming Episode Of Indie Hain Hum Season 2, To Witness The Most Candid Side Of Tanishk Bagchi With Tulsi Kumar!

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Tanishk Bagchi is one of those singers and music composers who have definitely made the world dance to his tunes! He is usually regarded as a coy and poised person but on the coming episode of Indie Hai Season 2, we will get to witness a fun and goofy side of him, that versatile singer and host Tulsi Kumar brought out in a candid interview on the upcoming episode.

The episode starts on a melodious note with the super talented Tulsi Kumar singing a peppy version of the Punjabi folk song Nai Jaana which was composed by Tanishk Bagchi. Every episode of Indie Hai Hum Season 2 acquaints the audiences with the galore of musical talents available in India. Bringing yet another such young talent on the show, Tulsi Kumar introduces the nation to MC Heam aka Hemant Dhayani who not only dared to dream but also fulfill it. MC Heam has no background or formal training in singing, yet he dreamt to be a rapper and made his way into the industry with hard work and resilience. This hard work and dedication, lead him the stage with AR Rahman, at an event for Hockey World Cup.

Resonating with MC Heam’s hard work, Tanishk Bagchi not only encouraged the young star but gave a sneak peek into his days of struggle in the interview with Tulsi Kumar. Apart from this the discussion also involved the changing scenes of music and the role social media is playing in this industry. The upcoming episode is also filled with some fun moments when Tulsi involved Tanishk in a game that will reveal the goofy and fun side of Tanishk no one is seen before. The upcoming episode is definitely to watch out for to catch this playful and joyous side of the singer and music composer.

Talking about the episode, Tulsi Kumar says, “I am elated to learn about the inspiring journeys Tanishk Bagchi and MC Heam have had in their own realms. The underlying message of this particular episode is that hard work cannot replace anything in this world. It was great catching up Tanishk who is truly gifted with great sense of music and is entertaining us with his exemplary work!”

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