Uorfi Javed Slams Ameesha Patel for Her Remark on OTT is Full of Gayism and Lesbianism.

Uorfi Javed again makes headline but not for her fashion. She took to her Instagram story to slam Ameesha Patel and said, "Not getting work for 25 years has made Ameesha bitter".

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Uorfi Javed

Uorfi Javed is currently social media sensation who is known for her unique fashion and for her unappolectic personality. She is the internet sensation and she rose to fame after participating on reality show Big BossOTT. Eversince then her unique fashion appearance and blatant personality has kept her in headlines. She has been heavely trolled on social media for her fashion sense. She has also been in news for her online spat and social media fights with celbrities and trollers. In past from Hindustani Bhai to Chahat Khan she has slammed them on social media for their remarks on her clothes. 


Uorfi Slams Ameesha Patel On Instagram Story.

Urofi javed took to her instagram story and shared Ameesha Patel's interview video during Gadar2 promotion and slams her for derogatory remark on LGBQT.   On the video clip Ameesha talked about clean cinema and OTT platfroms and said people are waiting for movies where grandparents and granchidrens can sit and watch movies togather and how OTT platform is full homosexuality and of gayism-lesbianism. Urofi via instagram story posted long caption stating: What is actually gayism, lesbianism? Keep your children away from it? So when she said "Kaho na Pyar' she meant only straight people. Public figurespeaking without educating themselves on such sensitive topics really irks me! Not getting work for 25 years has Ameesha Bitter" After this social media drama people have slammed Ameesha for her remark. Earlier his week Ameesha was also bashed by fans foe spoiling Gadar2 movie. Where she exposed a major twist of the movie through her instagram post. She posted a photo from railer where Snny Deol was seen crying near a graveyard and confirmed that sakina didn't died. Fans were angry on her spoiling the suspense of the movie. 

Uorfi often keeps sharing these types of  videos on her instagram stories where people have made derogatory remark on certain subject. She has always been very vocal about her thought and opinions and has publically shared it on social media. 

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