‘V’ Movie Review: Nani And Sudheer Babu Equally Steals The Show; But A Predictable Climax

'V' Movie Review: Nani And Sudheer Babu Equally Steals The Show; But A Predictable Climax


‘V’ a romance-drama-thriller film. Though it tried to hold the suspense tightly but we can already predict to where it will end. A must watch for great performance by Nani, Sudheer Babu, for great visuals, background music and for some terrific action sequences!

Story line:

A DCP Adithya (Sudheer Babu) who won several titles and medals for his excellency as a cop. A one of his colleague gets killed (by Nani), where he challenge Adithya to catch him before he kills another 4 peoples. If he can’t catch him before he finishes all of them, then Adithya should resign from his job by removing all his medals. A cat and mouse fight story, Cop VS killer! Will Adithya chase the killer and wins the challenge? What is the real motive of running behind the killer?


Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti tried thriller for the very first time and of course he set a high mark in the first half of the film. Yes he made a perfect balance in between romance, action sequences and drama! Editing by Marthand Venkatesh with dark colour palette were very engaging and refreshing to watch. Cinematographer P.G. Vinda with the mind-blowing visuals has definitely did a great job! And coming to the background score S Thaman has set a high rank through V, proved to be only one man show. Definitely a eye-stealing performance because of the combination of Thaman and Vinda’s refreshing with unique outlets. More appreciation for the whole technical team, real stars of the limelight beside Nani and Sudheer’s performances!

Unique composing of music by Amit Trivedi, he really has some very good taste of music, always comes with a very different compose. Vasthunna Vachesthunna (wow), Manasu Maare, lyrics by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry.

Nani, a lover boy choosing a grey character of an antagonist is a brave forward choice as a lead actor. Definitely he once again proved to be called as a Natural Star. Many tries something new but fails at some point, Nani did try this for the first time but came up with some great action sequences, like he never seen before. Equal competition was with Sudheer Babu, he equally matches up with Nani in many scenes. Though he failed to perform somewhere but definitely the whole charm of the film and also had some WOW dancing moves in Baby Touch Me Now song. Impressive Sudheer! Supportting roles Tanikella Bharani garu and Vennala Kishore had few hilarious punching lines as always.  

Coming to the heroine part, Nivetha Thomas (as Apoorva) was all beauty of the show but meant to be distract in between. Aditi Rao Hydari appeared in few parts but a prime character. Both actresses have got limited principal space in the film.  

Somewhere you’ll will feel like it is an inspirational content of other films. But V has setup their own individuality and of course with a regular climax (unexpected).

Overall A MUST Watch for refreshing visuals, mind-blowing action sequences, with some damn background scores, stealer performances! A perfect balance with every genre of romance-action-drama-thriller.

It would be more awesome if V would’ve theatrical release, missing those whistles and cheering experience. As it also marked a 25th film of Nani, it would definitely received hard whistles at the entry of Nani and Sudheer, maybe also at the action scenes. But it’s okay!

If you haven’t watched ‘V’ it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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