US Presidential Election: These Are The Three Key Reasons Behind US Election Result Still Not Getting Declared!


Today is the fourth day after US citizens voted for the US presidential election on November 3. The US and the world are still waiting for the results. As per the reports, democratic presidential candidate Joe Bidden is close to the victory and sworn in as new president of America. However, there is no official declaration yet and counting is still going on.

On the other hand, chaos is being created by the republican party leaders by making allegations like democrats are fraud in the election. They started a campaign on social media called ‘Stop The Steal.’ Donald Trump is trying to spread the wrong propaganda and accusing the democrats without any evidence that they indulged in fraudulent ways.

Along with this, there are other three key reasons which are needed to understand why it is taking so long to announce and declare the result.

Increase of mail-in ballots:

Owing to the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, this time large number of people preferred to cast their vote through mail-in ballots instead of going to the voting booth in person. According to an estimate of the US Elections Project around 65.2 million of the record 160 million Americans who voted this year through mail-in ballots. As per the report, In Pennsylvania, the Republican-led legislature rejected an effort to let authorities count ahead of Election Day, contributing to the scenario in which its biggest city Philadelphia — a Democratic stronghold — reported returns last. Some locations have different factors for delay in vote-counting such as Chatham County in tightly fought Georgia, where an election division and a registration board are separately looking at ballots.

Legal Problems:

Donald Trump’s campaign had intervened and demanded a halt in the counting of votes in the places they were lacking behind. Pennsylvania’s Republican Party also approached the US Supreme Court. Most states permit opposite parties to observe counting but defying the rules has taken time. Trump’s supporters have taken particular issue with Philadelphia’s rule that spectators stay at least 15 feet (4.5 meters) away due to Covid risks. Also, In Wisconsin, Biden managed to get a tough victory in results declared by early Wednesday, the Supreme Court announced that only votes received by Election Day will be counted.

Some states take longer time:

Kathy Boockvar, secretary of the state of Pennsylvania, explained to reporters saying, “The closer the races, the longer it takes.” It means that it takes a longer time to get an accurate picture and result in narrowly divided states. Also, some states have different deadlines for receiving absentee ballots, especially those coming from the military or other citizens living overseas. Like North Carolina has held off on counting at least 171,000 ballots — which could make the difference — as by law it accepts votes that arrive by mail through November 12 so long as they were postmarked by Election Day. This will result in a delay in announcing the result. Similarly, Nevada, which also is a neck to neck race, will count ballots postmarked by Election Day so long as they arrive by November 10.

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