Opinion: President Donald Trump Has Shown His Discriminative & Divisive Ideology By Saying Kamala Harris “Being US President Will Be An Insult To Our Country”


One of the most-watched presidential elections in its recent history is of the United States. In the US elections 2020, there are different and new parameters on which citizens of the US will decide to vote. Some of the important aspects are COVID- 19 pandemic and how the Trump administration has addressed it. Secondly, the outrage of anti-racism protesters that have ignited after the demise of George Floyd and President Trump’s response to it will play a major role in the voting decision. Then the issue of immigrants and minorities in the US. The explosion of unemployment and economic recession. It’s diplomatic ties with countries like China and many more.

One of the important aspects will be the nomination of Senator Kamala Harris as the Vice- Presidential candidate by the democrats. Kamala Harris is the first Black woman on a major party’s presidential ticket, she’s also the first Indian American thus her nomination is considered to be historic. Kamala Harris is fondly called as “Female Obama”

Harris’ rise as the daughter of immigrants — one from Jamaica, one from India — serves a powerful counter-narrative to President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.  The mixed-race heritage has allowed Harris to connect across identities and reach multiple audiences and voting blocs.

From the day she has accepted this position she is significantly demonstrating why she is a perfect nominee for that position. Harris has persistently criticized Trump and his administration through her fiery speeches. She has broken racial barriers at every point in her political career. She has called Trump leadership divisive and destructive.

At a rally in North Carolina Trump said- “People don’t like her (US Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris) – nobody likes her. She can never be the first woman president of the US. It will be an insult to our country.” He further added, “She left the race (for president) and it’s interesting that they picked her because, in theory, they should win California but I don’t know, we will make them pay for that. You always pick someone who is going up in the polls.”

Well, his fresh attacks on Kamala Harris have once again shown that he is staunch with his ideology of systemic racism and anti-immigrant. He is constantly called by his opponent democrats as incompetent, selfish, and a danger to huge democracy like America.

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