TVF’s Aspirants Final Episode 5 – Satisfying Conclusion To The Beautiful And Inspiring Story

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TVF is touching the right chord of every heart with its relatable characters and riveting stories that will give you goosebumps. While the first episode of Aspirants was entertaining with clever writing and brilliant performances, episode 2 gives a solid twist in the climax, episode 3 serves the purpose of becoming an IAS officer and episodes 4 proves failure is required to be successful.

Aspirants had already won the hearts with its first 4 episodes. With 5th and the final episode premiered few hours back, Aspirants will certainly go down in the history as one of the best Indian web-series made. 

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For our viewers to recollect, Aspirants will take you back to the entrance exam preparation days when all you have to do is just focus and study and somehow clear the exam. Like Kota Factory which talked about the IIT entrance exam stress, the first episode of Aspirants tells the story of UPSC aspirant, Abhilash (Naveen Kasturia), who is confused which subject to chose as part of the exam. He discusses the optional subject to choose with almost everyone, right from his friends (Abhilash Thapliyal and Shivankit Parihar) till the chai-wala, until convinced by an experienced UPSC experienced student (Sunny Hinduja). Much like Chhichhore, the first episode of Aspirants runs in two timeline – the exam preparation day and the present timeline when all three friends, Abhilash, Guri and SK are settled in life.

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In the second episode of Aspirants, we see Abhilash surprises Guri by calling him and telling him that he will definitely make it to Guri’s wedding. The scene later immediately takes you back to the old days when Abhilash gives up the hope to clear the UPSC exam and even finds an excuse to get the refund from his training institute. However, a webinar hosted at his institute changes his perception when he hears out a motivational speech from a guest IAS officer. The speech inspires Abhilash who decides to continue his preparation for UPSC exam.

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While the episode 2 ends on a solid twist, in the third episode of Aspirants, we see Abhilash finally meets Guri and SK where Guri finally reveals whom he is getting married to.  The scene later immediately takes you back to the old days when Abhilash transforms himself from a person who is always cribbing to a person who approaches a problem with a positive attitude. The reason behind his drastic change is Dharya whom he confides in and falls in love.

While the episode 4 ended on a disappointing note with both Sunny bhaiya and Abhilash not qualifying for the UPSC exam, the fifth episodes the highlight the importance of relationship, love, family and friends which we always leave behind while chasing our dreams. To many fans who were wondering what happened to Sandeep Bhaiya, you will get your answer in the 5th episode. The only question which remained unanswered is how Guri and Dharya meet ?

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There is something about TVF’s content which will touch every corner of your heart. The beautiful chemistry between Abhilash and Dharya, the scene where Abhilash learns about his landlord’s son and lend his helping hands and finally the restaurant scene where Guri finds out that Abhilash is still in love with Dharya as he takes out the specs from the eye cover which was gifted by Dharya during the UPSC preparation days. This will definitely give you goosebumps and a big shout out to Shivankit Parihar for emoting so much through his eyes. The team behind impeccable dramas like Permanent Roommates, TVF Pitchers, Flames, Kota Factory, TVF’s Tripling , Cubicles etc, Aspirants is another feather on their cap which is beautifully directed by Apoorv Singh Karki and cleverly written by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish.

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If all the episodes of Aspirants is an enduring watch, the credit should go turned out to the creator Apoorv Singh Karki and Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish for writing the screenplay so appropriately. Like the previous episodes, the makers have done a wonderful job in creating the curiosity to watch the finale and I am sure you will not be disappointed. I also liked the background score which gels well with the mood of the web-series.

Aspirants is a performance-driven series and every actor has done justice to their role. Performances by all the actors is a major boost to watch Aspirants which is natural and intrinsic to the core. Clap-worthy 4.5/5

Watch the fifth episode :-

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