Trevon Noah Gets Slammed On Twitter By Indian Fans For Taking Dig At Bengaluru's Cancelled Show!

Trending: Trevon Noah has disappointed his Indian fans. He was slammed on Twitter for roasting Benguluru's cancelled show. He was supposed to perform in Bengaluru on September 27 and 28.

By Sanjana Lama
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Trevon Noah has disappointed his Indian fans by roasting Bengaluru's cancelled show.

Popular Comedian and Tv show host  Trevon Noah is currently on his Off The Record Tour in India. Recently, he did a show in Mumbai, where he roasted his cancelled Bengaluru show. He was seen mocking and complaining alot about the city. Trevon was supposed to perform in Benguluru on September 27 and 28. Which got cancelled at the last moment  due to techinical issue. Later, he even apologised to his fans who had braved the Bengaluru traffic and were eagerly waiting for the comedian show's. 


Many videos from the Mumbai show are surfacing on social media, where he is been seen mocking and  complaining about the backstage area which he claimed was full of dogs and that the rooms were also not at good condition and said it weren't designed for human begins. This comedy didn't go well with the Indian audience and they are fuming. 

Trevon Noah slammed on social media platform:

Videos from his Mumbai show is going viral on social media and Indian audience are reacting to it. Many audience have taken to X(formely known as Twitter) to express their disappointment and anger on the Comedian.  One user wrote, "Calling his shitt show a comedy is another level of stupidity. And then bashing Bangalore for its traffic and water logging is another one". Another user wrote, "Flock to a city for a living from your shitty cities, live there, earn there and then expect a maharaja treatment?? Blr is crowded because of a northern herd that has come here to earn and live". And another usser commented, "Some laugh at this attempt at crass homour. Noah is overrated. Those mouth sounds are amateur. Give me Vir Das anyday". Whereas, one user wrote, "We have much better comedians here. Organizers at Bangalore must have thoughtfully arranged few dogs at the venue for his company". On the other hand another user commented, "The dogs were happy to see their descendant and expressed their love by barking". Another netizens blammed BookMyShow for poor management and wrote, "Sad to hear this. book my show was not only unfair to the people who paid for the tickets but also brought disrepute to the city. Bangalore has always hosted some great events and this was totally wrong on how they managed it."


Check out the video of Trevon Noah roasting cancelled Bengaluru show here:

In the video comedian Trevon Noah is seen complaining about the incident, he said,“Now, usually when I go to do a show backstage what happens is there will be like an entrance that you walk into and then you’re in the venue and then you emerge into a backstage area before you come and perform. Here (in the Bengaluru venue), we walk through an alley that was full of dogs — half of which were in cages… I’ve never prepared for a show where the backstage area is dogs in cages.”


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