Trending: Prince William Not Letting Harry Near Kate Middleton

Christopher Andersen, author of "The King," revealed to Fox News the strain in the relationship, stating that Prince Harry was profoundly affected by Kate Middleton's recent cancer diagnosis. As the brothers fight, the Royal Family finds itself in drama.

By Drishti Joshi
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Trending Prince William and Prince Harry

The revelation shook not only the royal family but also Prince Harry, who, according to Andersen, expressed a desire to "reconnect" with Kate in her time of need. However, Andersen suggests that Prince William's reluctance to allow his brother near his ailing wife stems from unresolved tensions and lingering bitterness within the family.


The rift between the brothers, exacerbated by their respective spouses, has been a subject of speculation and public discourse for years. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now residing in California, severed ties with the royal family in 2020, opting for a more independent path. Their departure from royal duties only widened the chasm between the siblings.

Prince Harry's public criticisms of the royal family further strained relations, culminating in a reported silence between the brothers that has persisted for months. Despite occasional visits to the UK, including attending Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in September, Prince Harry's interactions with his family have been limited.

Now, with Kate Middleton's health at the forefront, tensions within the royal family have reached a new height. The princess's battle with cancer, announced in a heartfelt video message, has undoubtedly shifted priorities within the family circle.


In her statement, Kate Middleton revealed the shock of discovering cancer following a successful surgery earlier in the year. The subsequent course of chemotherapy has tested her resilience, with the support of Prince William and their three children.

As Prince Harry returns to the UK for events surrounding the anniversary of his Invictus Games, hopes for reconciliation with his brother seem dashed. A spokesperson for Prince Harry confirmed that a meeting with his father, King Charles III, who is also undergoing cancer treatment, is not feasible due to scheduling conflicts.

The absence of a familial reunion amidst such trying circumstances underscores the complexities within the royal household. While the public's gaze remains fixed on the unfolding drama, Kate Middleton continues her courageous battle against cancer, seeking solace in the love and support of her immediate family.

As the royal family navigates this latest chapter of upheaval, the world watches with bated breath, hoping for a resolution that transcends past grievances and fosters healing within the royal ranks.

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