Trending: Boeing Catches Fire Skids Off Runway in Senegal, 10 injured

Passengers onboard described scenes of panic as they scrambled to escape the burning aircraft Malian musician Cheick Siriman Sissoko captured ordeal on his phone capturing desperation as passengers evacuated via emergency slide amidst the engulfing flame.

By Drishti Joshi
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Trending Boeing Catches Fire

Trending Boeing Catches Fire

Eyewitness Ibrahim Diallo, 20, revealed that the flight had encountered trouble during an attempted takeoff earlier that night, with smoke emanating from one of the wings on the second attempt. Despite reassurances from the pilot, the situation escalated rapidly, leading to the terrifying ordeal that unfolded.


Boeing, the manufacturer of the aircraft, has faced increasing scrutiny following a series of recent incidents involving its planes. The company has come under intense pressure to address safety concerns and manufacturing issues, particularly in the wake of previous crashes involving Boeing 737 Max jets.

This latest incident in Senegal further exacerbates concerns surrounding Boeing's aircraft. With the aviation industry closely monitoring developments, questions arise regarding the safety protocols and maintenance standards employed by carriers operating Boeing planes.

In response to inquiries, Boeing directed requests for comment to the respective airlines involved. Meanwhile, Air Sénégal released a statement announcing the rescheduling of flights between Dakar and Bamako but remained silent on further details surrounding the incident.

The aviation community, including organizations such as the Aviation Safety Network, continues to track and analyze airline accidents to promote safer air travel. As investigations into the Senegal crash unfold, the focus remains on ensuring accountability and implementing measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

With the spotlight firmly on Boeing and the safety of its aircraft, stakeholders are calling for transparency, accountability, and rigorous adherence to safety standards. As the industry grapples with the aftermath of this latest incident, the imperative for stringent safety measures and oversight has never been more pressing.

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