DEETS INSIDE: Why There’s Sudden Rise In Tomato And Other Vegetable Prices?

Due to the heavy rainfall in the last few weeks, the prices of our daily essentials like vegetables and fruits have raised and this has left everyone worried. What is the cause and effect behind it? Explained Inside.

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People in India were almost terrified by the drastic heat rise in the 2023 summers, as the monsoon arrived very late this year but now it gave some relief from the intensity. Guess what? It has become the two sides of the coin situation, on one side the climate became cool but on the other side prices of daily essentials are surging in some cities and leaving everyone worried.


Mainly the inflation of tomato fruit is in making headlines, as the Southern states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the key suppliers of tomatoes which are affected by floods, and heavy rains and this reduced the availability of the same in the market. Also, with the prospect of an El Niño looming in the coming months, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) too has admitted that controlling food inflation could be a challenge.

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For instance, this year, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), as of the last week of June, India as a whole had a deficit of about 23 per cent. But this distribution is not equal. Northwest India witnessed surplus rainfall of 37 per cent because of Cyclone Biparjoy. On the other hand, central India and the south peninsular had 35 per cent and 45 per cent deficient rain, respectively.


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In Lucknow, the price of tomatoes has raise to Rs 130 per kg. In southern cities like Chennai, Trichy, and Coimbatore brinjal and drumstick vegetables are been sold at the price of Rs 60-80 per kg and in Kochi, green chilli, and ginger prices shoot up to Rs 160 and Rs 230 per kg. While in Mumbai city, a dozen of bananas are sold for Rs 80.   

While the other side, taking this situation into worry some of the netizens have started a fun ride of memes on Twitter on inflation and you must check it out. Here’s the link below:


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