Gauri Khan: SRK's sweetheart

Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are an inspiration for many people. Their love story proves that love is divine and magical They have been together since high school and have been each others biggest strength

Shah Rukh Khan's biggest support system

Gauri Khan is Shah Rukh Khan's biggest cheerleader and strength. She has been his backbone since the very beginning of his career. Time again SRK has shared how Gauri has supported him at his worst. He even admitted that he made a lot mistakes and took bad decisions yet she was there with him at every stage of his life and has guided him in best way

The backbone of the family

Gauri Khan is the backbone of the Khan family. She has been their for each one of them and have supported them is their bestest to worst phase of life. Gauri and SRK together have managed to build an empire keeping a balance between their professional and personal life. From juggling between work to spending time with family she beautifully manages both.

The proudest mother

Gauri Khan is one of the strongest and most supportive mother to her children. She was Aryaan Khan's biggest strength during his worst phase. It is said that she even had kept fast for his son when he was in jail for his well being. On her 53rd birthday Gauri Khan couldn't kept herself way from giving a shout out to son Aryan's luxury clothing brand D'YAVOL X. She is the proudest mother and leaves no stone to appreciate her children.

The biggest source of guidance

Gauri Khan and Suhana Khan shares a lovely mother-daughter bond with each other. Gauri is her biggest cheerleader. Suhana recently revealed that SRK and Gauri are her "biggest source of guidance" in life. She even shared that Gauri helps her and guides her with every small things like from her outfit to hairstyle

An empowered women

Gauri Khan is an empowered women and she is an inspiration to many women out there. In 2018, She was named as one of Fortune magazine's "50 most powerful women". She is a role model for young women to achieve their goals at their own. On work front she has designed spaces for Mukesh Ambani, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli and many more other celebs. She has produced blockbuster movies like Jawan, Chennai Express, Om Shanti Om and other movies under co-produced production company.