WATCH: Make Your Mumbai Rains Wonderful By Shooting Dance Reels On These Lovely Steps Amidst Mountains, Waterfall or Terrace

We blame the rain for several reasons like cancelling our plans, delaying our schedules, floods or potholes in our areas but why not look at its delightful side? Enjoy your heart out on these songs and shoot a reel, check out.

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Finally! Mumbai Rains are here, by keeping all the hate for this season let’s look at the other part indeed a joyful side. 

Whenever we sit and enjoy the view of rain from our window what comes to our mind is music and we have a mesmerising time listening with a view. The playlist is all about famous monsoon songs to feel romanticized or to dance your dance out in the rain, right?

Being indoors you sat and enjoyed soothing songs but what about dancing in the rain? That too on some simple and beautiful steps to make a reel out of it by sharing it on your social media handle. Trust me, it feels very good when you break norms and share them with the world saying “I did what I wanted to do for so long”.


So here got you some cute and lively dancing steps on some heart-string tracks, check them out to follow but before that while watching them just imagine you’re doing those steps in the rain.

·      Adada Mazaiha

Now next time when you go on a monsoon trip with your gag, do not miss this to record it with them for pleasing memory storage. Just check it out, if you shoot it in the middle of the mountains, beach amidst rainfall’s refreshing greenery, simply heavenly right?


·      Musu Musu

Dressing in the same or any other subtle ethnic attire tapping your feet on this song and steps, wow. I can imagine how beautifully it’ll turn out.


On the same song but these are the cutest steps choreographed by Sushant Khatri, the style which he only carries it. You can keep track of him for more.


·      Saranga Dariya

What about a South Indian happy track? Saranga Dariya performed by Sai Pallavi is one of them and in this reel, a girl has already shot it in the rain on her terrace which is already enhancing our delightful imagination.


·      Maan Meri Jaan

How can we miss a couple of dances? These easy Maan Meri Jaan steps are to shoot it with your partner and feel all the love in the rain.


·      Naakka Mukka

An energetic song but performing in heavy rainfall will make you feel alive, just like them in the reel dancing their heart out in a resort’s rain dance area.

·      Banthan Ke

Last but not least a foot-tapping Bollywood track on this evergreen ‘Banthan Ke’. Just imagine again, wearing white ethnic wear by grooving in front of the waterfall or amidst rainfall.

·      Chey Vey Ra

Their body movements in this video are what made me imagine while dancing to it in the rain, amazingly choreographed.

·      Chokra Jawaan

Imitating everything from their steps, costumes, and terrace background view and just adding rainfall in it, doesn’t that sound amazing?

Try out these in Mumbai rains and if you do, tag us on Instagram @ipopdiairies will be so happy to see you all.