Karan Johar Gets Emotional After Watching Deepika Padukone -Ranveer Singh's Wedding Video On Koffe With Karan 8, He Opens Up About Feeling Alone!

Trending: After five years Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's dreamy wedding video was released on Koffe with Karan show, which did not just left audience emotional but host Karan Johar got teared-up.

By Sanjana Lama
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Karan Johar Gets Emotional After Watching Deepika Padukone -Ranveer Singh's Wedding Video

Much-awaited celebrity talk-show Koffe with Karan season 8 got premiered on October 26. The first-episode featured Bollywood's most favorite and power couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. The episode was filled with their love,emotion and some exciting and fun revelation about their relationship. After almost five years of their intimate yet lavish lake combo, Italy wedding, the couple finally unveiled their wedding video on Koffe with Karan show. Their wedding video made Karan Johar emotional, while he appreciated Deepika and Ranveer's relationship he shared about feeling lonely at times and he got teared-up. The Deepveer episode is receiving love and praises from the audience. 


Karan Johar got tear-up watching Deepveer's wedding video:

Almost after five years of Deepveer wedding their dreamy wedding video was played on the Koffe With Karan episode which gave a glimse of their love. The video did not just suprised the audience, but it also made Karan Johar teared-up, who was  watching the video for the first time. Karan was overwhelmed after seeing their love and bond. The video contained beautiful-happy moments of the couple with each other and their family, it celebrated their love. After seeing their wholesome wedding video he got emotional and said, "God! There's a line in my film ki aisa lagta hai ki mera dekh kar pet bhar gaya hai my heart is full just by seeing it). He further shared that while he feels extremely happy that Ranveer and Deepika found love in each other he felt lonely at same time. 

In the episode Karan opened up about his personal life how he feels lonely at times and he shared that he craves and maifest to have this kind of love in his life, he said, "I am not in a relationship, I am kind of single, and it just makes me feel like what I am losing out on. You feel like you don’t have a partner of your own to share the nothings of your day with. And everyday I wake up and a little part of me feels the vacuum. I have my kids and mom, but when I see this and see you, and I know relationships are tough, but that soul connection with a person that you can wake up with and hold their hand and see your day with in tough times… I felt so happy for you but I felt so alone again. And I hope this manifests into like, I hope I have a story to tell. I know it’s not easy.”. 

On seeing Karan getting tear-up Ranveer and Deepika got-up and gave a warm-hug to him. Netizens are loving the new episode of Koffe With Karan and fans are praising KJO for being honest ad talking about this phase of his life.

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