Is India Being Renamed As Bharat? Here Are The List Of Countries That Have Changed Their Names!

Trending: As per the latest report, India is being renamed as Bharat, This is not the first time when a country's name is changed, Here Are The List Of Countries That Have Changed Their Names in past.

By Sanjana Lama
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India to be renamed as Bharat?

The G20 summit dinner is to be hosted at the Rashrapati Bhawan from September 9 to September10. The summit is exptected to be attended by more than 30 heads of state and top officals from the European Union and invited guest countries and 14 heads of International organisations. On Tuesday, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh  claimed that the offical invite sent out for the G20 summit dinner had written 'President of Bharat' on them, instead of 'President of India'. It has spark the debate among the netizens and  it is specualted that the Central government is taking a move to change the country's name from India to Bharat. 


If the reports are true, This will not be the first when a country has changed its offical name. There are many countries that have in past renamed their country often influenced by politics, nationalism, cultural or social factor. These changes have a significant impact on how the world will further on see and remembers those nations. Here are the list of countries that have changed their names and the reason behing these shift. 

1. Cyelon To Sri Lanka

In 1972, The island nation Ceylon changed its name to  Sri Lanka, the change was undertaken to declare country's independence and to reduce its associations with British and protugues rule. The meaning of the Sri Lanka is "resplendent land" in Sinhalese. Which signify, Country's natural beauty. 


2. The Republic Of Macedonia To North Macedonia

In 2019, the Republic of Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia. This rename, helped to resolved a long-standing dispute with Geerce, who were objectifying to use the name "Macedonia" because it too had a region with same name. This renmming paved the way for North Macedonia's NATO membership it also heled in improving relations between two nations. 

3. Burma To Myanmar


In 1989, Burma changed its name to Myanmar by the ruling military junta. The rename sparked international controversy as it was consider as an attempt to permit Junta's power. There are some countires that continues to refer the Country as Burma instead Myanmar. 

4. Zaire To The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

In 1997, Zaire renamed its country's name to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR congo) after several political conflicts and disturbance. This move was taken to distance the country from the authoritarian regime of Mobutu Sese Seko. Who ruled as dictator for over three decades. 


5. Siam To Thailand 

In 1939, Siam renamed its country name to Thailand. This move was undertaken to declare the nation's unity and identity as the independent nation when Western colonial influence was rapidly increasing in South Asian. Thailand name signify "Land of the free".

6. CzechosLovakia To The Czech Republic And Slovakia

In 1993, Czechoslovakia got separted into two countries, respectively named The Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was a peaceful sepration that was undertaken to end the communist rule and it aimed for greater autonomy and sel-determination among two groups, the Czechs and the Slovaks. 

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