"I Hope Girls Like Bald Man", Shah Rukh Khan Revealed Why He Chose Bald Look In Jawan!

Trending: Shah Rukh Khan is enjoying the success of Jawan movie. Recently he got into candid chat and answered question related to his bald looks and about playing anti-hero roles in movies.

By Sanjana Lama
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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is currently enjoying the massive success of his movie Jawan. SRK, for the first time took the risk of going bald onscreen for his movie Jawan. Audience loved SRK's bald  look and it eventually got paid off and  this particualr look became social media sensation and netizens appreciated SRK's bold bald step. The movie has been doing exceptionally well in the box-office and is breaking records everyday. Lately SRK, has been interacting with his fans a lot through his X aka Twitter handle where he keeps answering to their questions. Recently, SRK got into small candid interview with IMDB, where he opened up about his bald look, playing anti-hero roles and about having an army of women in jawan and more. 


Shah Rukh Khan chose bald look out of laziness:

Shah Rukh Khan was asked about his reaction on going bald for Jawan, to which he replied that he chose bald look out of mere laziness and how he had reservations. He said, "It was never part of the script. It was a part of the get-up that was a part of the script. I just chose the bald look out of laziness. I said, ‘yeah, then I don’t have to wear 2 hours of this makeup, can I just go bald?' So I think it came out of that. I had reservations because I showed the promo to some friends and they were like, ‘Arey yaar! It looks very scary, girls won’t like you.' So I hope girls like me. I hope girls like bald men. I like bald girls,”  he said it in humour. 

In the movie, SRK's character wears makeup to play the role of bald metro hijaker in Jawan, he later again opted for the bald look during the climax scene in the movie. 


Shah Rukh Khan stated, he likes playing grey charcter:

Earlier, in his carrer SRK has played grey roles which had become immensly popular and for which he received praises from the audience. Speaking about that, he was asked whether playing anti-hero are more fun than playing hero, to which he revealed that he finds hero boring and he never wanted to play the hero, he said, " I never wanted to play the hero. I find heroes very boring. I find them doing all the good things, just the nice things. To be able to do this good, I need to quickly transfer to do bad to understand that part, so that I can come and do the good guy with a lot of gusto again because just playing the good guy again and again and again, being nice, puppy eyed, doe-eyed is boring after some time. Personally, I love playing the bad guy. I love bad guys.”

 SRK shared that he watches film with poor IMDB rating: 


Further, he also revealed that he even watches films which have a bad rating on IMDB though he is aware that films over 7 are rated as good ones. About describing his legacy to a person who doesn't know him, he said that he is an actor who is trying very hard.

Shah Rukh Khan's first pan-India movie is storming at the box-office and it has earned RS 387.78 crore in India in 8 days and it is set to enter the 400 crore club by today. It has collected Rs 660.03 crore nett gross worldwide. 



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