"I Actually Want Elvish Bhai To Clear The Air", Abhsishek Malhan Request's Elvish Yadav After He Indirectly Accused Him Of Negative PR!

Trending: Big Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav and 1st runner-up Abhishek Malhan who shared a close bond inside the house have locked horns in an online feud.

By Sanjana Lama
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Elvish Yadav indirectly accused Abhishek Malhan for running negative PR against him.

Big Boss OTT 2  was a blockbuster season of the year and had created buzz on social media. One of the biggest reason for its popularity was Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan and the bond they shared inside the house. This famous YouTuber's brought massive fans along with them in the show and they were famously known for their "Bhaichara" inside the house. From the moment Elvish entered the show, both him and Abhsihek always played the game together. Post Big Boss finale, Where Elvish won the Big Boss show and Abhishek Malhan secured 1st runner-up position. Fans were egerly waiting for their reunion and wanted to see their bhaichara outside the house as well. But instead, both of them have got involved in an online feud with each other.  Elvish Yadav  alleged accused Abhishek of running a negative PR against him. 


Elvish Yadav on negativ PR:

Elvish Yadav who makes daily vlog for his YouTube channel , Recently posted a video giving warning to the person who's name he didn't mentioned and he accused of running a negative PR against him. He said, "Ye PR team jiski bhi hai, negative memes, tweets se bhar rakhi hai. Ye ekdum se kaha agaye? Pehle toh nahi the. Jinko pata nahi hai, ye hai negative PR. Paise deke kisi ki image kharab karna. Memes se, news channel ke through. Hamara koi khaas bhai tha, hum to samajhte hai bhai," Elvish said in his video. (Whoever's PR team it is suddenly there are negative memes and tweets online. Earlier there were no such posts. This is called negative PR for those who don't know.)". Soon his clips went viral and fans started assuming that he was hinting towards Abhishek Malhan. Which led to social media war/dispute  between Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav's fans. 

Abhishek Malhan's Reaction to the acuusation:


Abhsishek Malhan was receiving hateful comments after Elvish's vlog and fans were fighting on social media.  Finally he reacted to Elvish Yadav's Negative PR claims, and he took to his social media handle X (formely known as twitter) and he wrote, "My heart breaks watching people spreading hate to anyone out there who’s present on social media platforms. I’ve always been positive and focused on my growth and wish the same for others. I actually want Elvish Bhai to clear this aur about negative PR as his fans are interpreting that’s me. And I feel The bond we shared inside the house stays the same even outside."

Check out Abhsihek Malhan's tweet here:


Elvish Yadav's warning:

Elvish Yadav on the other hand, released another video giving a stern warning to the person who is running negative PR aganist him and he said, "part from jokes, I have been seeing this person doing all this for quite a few days. Ghar se utha le jayenge, bera bhi chalega, dhamki na samjho yeh Humare saath majak karne se pehle sau baar soch liya karo."

This social media feud between Abhishek and Elvish has created a havoc on social media platform and people are assuming that the "Bhaichara" between them is over. 
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