Swami Om

Swami Om was the contestant of season 10 and during his stay in house he got into dirty verbal and physical fight with other contestants that led to a point where Big Boss kicked him out of the house.

Dolly Bindra

Dolly Bindra was a contestant of season 4 ans she is infamous for her foul and abusive language and she known for her aggressive and loud personality. She had ugly fights in the house with actress Shweta Tiwari during one such fight she crossed her line and she was thrown out of the show.

Priyanka Jagga

Priyanka Jagga was from season 10 and Salman Khan himself threw her out of the show due her abusive and lower the belt remarks on Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi's late mother.

Imam Siddiqui

Imam Siddiqui was the contestant of season 6 and he was known for his unique fashion style and had an antic character. From contestants to Salman Khan were frustrated by his misbehaviour. Once he declared he would get naked in front of cameras and he even removed his t-shirt when big boss stopped him. Later, he was thrown out of the house

Pooja Mishra

Pooja Mishra was contestants of season 5. Her famous dialogues and clips are still trending on social media. But she was thrown out of the house after housemates asked big boss to kick her out because of her attitude and misbehaviour she couldn't live with them.