Exclusive: Take A Look At The Details Of Big Boss 17 House And More!

Trending: India's most popular reality show Big Boss is coming back on October 15. Salman Khan is returning as the host of the show. The 17th season of Big Boss has introduce many new features in the show. Check out the details Big boss here.

By Sanjana Lama
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Take A Look At The Details Of Big Boss 17 House And More

India's most popular reality show Big Boss is returning back and the show
will be premier on October 15. The much-awaited 17th season will hosted by
Superstar Salman Khan. Even before it's premier the show is already
trending all over social media platform and is has already created buzz
among the audience. Ahead, of its premier the list of confirmed
contestants participating in the show is already out and the details about
the big boss 17 house is also out. Check out the all the details about the
house here.


Big Boss 17 House Details:

This year Bigg Boss 17 is based on the theme of Dil, Dimaag, and Dumm. This season, Bigg Boss will actively engage with the contestants, and allow them to select any of the three approaches.Every week the contestant's game will be judged, and their chosen approach, whether Dil, Dimaag, or Dumm, may change based on their gameplay. Similar to the previous season this season will also have three separate bedroom based on Dil, Dimag and Dum which will keep changing every week. A mystical horse is placed in the house's main entrance. This time there will be no Captain house, no jail, and no dining table area. Based on a European theme, The kitchen is big like a cafe. For the first time, viewers will get a virtual tour of the Bigg Boss 17 house via social media. The contestants will also be revealed on social media through a tarot card reader, who will help them pick the right approach in the game. Couples will have the privilege of getting into a one-on-one interaction with Bigg Boss whenever they want in the show. Couples' room will have a 'Therapy room' where they can go and interact with BB to sort their minds. For the first time in history of Big Boss, Contestants will get special access to a phone inside the Bigg Boss 17 house.This special access will be limited to special Contestants. It will be part of a sponsor deal (Glance) and contestants can enjoy its advantages after winning a few challenges. This phone might be special ones that bigg boss can talk to & guide them. And even they can talk to their loved ones, friends or family.

More about Big Boss 17:


Jio Cinema will be streaming Big Boss 17 live 24x7 just like previous season. Big Boss will air from Monday To Friday at 10 pm. And on the weekands, Salman Khan will come to grill the contestants on Weekand Ka Vaar at 9 pm. As per the sources, Multicamera angles Live Feed will be featured this season in Main cam, Bedroom & Bathroom area. Bigg Boss will have Fantasy League,Janta Ka Vichaar, Bigg Boss Hits, Bigg News, Unseen Undekha, Bigg Quicks,Live Shorts and Exclusive BTS content for the audience.

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