Chandrayaan 3 Captured First Picture Of Moon After It Entered The Lunar Orbit, ISRO Shared Pictures!

Trending: The Indian Space Research Organisation share the first images of Moon. India's third unmanned Moon mission Chandrayaan-3 after it entered the Lunar orbit.

By Sanjana Lama
New Update

ISRO shared pictures of Moon captured by Chandrayaan-3.

India has achieved a great success, On August 5, The Indian Space Research Organisation took to social media platfrom 'X' to share first images of Moon as caputred by Chandrayaan 3. It is a proud moment for India as it is India's third unmaned Moon mission Chandrayaan-3 on Saturday successfully entered the lunar orbit after 22 days of its launched. 


ISRO took to "X" and gave the detailed updated information, On Saturday, Chandrayaan-3 misson gave the signal, "MOX, ISTRAC, this is Chandrayaan-3. I am feeling lunar gravity". Chandrayaa-3 had been sucessfully inserted into the lunar orbit. After a retro-burning at Perilune was commanded from Mission Oprtaions Complex(MOX) ISTRAC, Bengaluru.

On Sunday August 6, Chandrayaan-3's  next operation -reducation of orbit of  was scheduled around 11 PM and ISRO informed that the spacecraft successfully underwent a planned orbit reduction maneuver. The retrofiring of engines brought it closer to the Moon's surface, now to 170 km x 4313 km. 

After a succesful operation on Sunday the next operation to further reduce the orbit is scheduled for August 9 between 1 pm to 2 pm. 


Till now the moon mission is going well and as per the plan and schedule and according to ISRO  it is expected that Vikram Lander will make a smooth landing on the Lunar surface by the end the month on August 23. 

It is estimated that after the succesful maneuver to the lunar orbit. It has marked a major milestone in the space agency's ambitious Rs 600 crore Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission.


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