Big Boss 17: Ankita-Vicky And Neil-Aishwarya Gets Into Ugly Fight With Each Other After Nominations, Vicky Calls Aishwarya, Chudail!

Trending: Big Boss 17 is going on it's full swing and the fights are getting intense between the contestants as the game is going forward. After the nominations, the couple of Big Boss got into ugly-fight with each other.

By Sanjana Lama
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Ankita-Vicky and Aishwarya-Neil get into ugly spat.

India's popular reality show Big Boss 17 is doing well and it has created buzz on social media. Each day a new drama and fights unfolds in the house. The show has entered in it's fourth week and the game is getting more intense between the housemates. The promo for the upcoming episode is out, in which both the couple of the Big Boss house Ankita-Vicky and Neil-Aishwarya get into massive fight with each other after the nominations. 


Ankita-Vicky and Aishwarya-Neil's ugly fight:

From past few days, both the couple Ankita Lokahande-Vicky Jain and Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt are having dispute among each other and have been fighting. In the latest episode, netizens will witness a massive and ugly spat  between the four of them. It all started after the nomination, the dynamics of the house will be seen changing post this episode. The Dil and Dum  housemates were asked to nominate contestants from their own house. While, Dimag house contestnats had to guess who were the nonimated contestants. 

Neil and Aishwarya nominated both Vicky and Ankita, which caused the entire fight and change in dynamics. Ankita and Vicky were shocked by the nomination, later, Ankita questioned Neil the reasons for nominating her and she questioned him why were they pretending to be good with them. Neil and Aishwarya revealed that both of them find them fake. Ankita and Neil got into verbal spat with each-other, later Neil got angry and charged towards Ankita, which turned this verbal spat into a massive fight between the couple. Later, both Aishwarya and Vicky got into their fight and had an ugly spat. Both of them in the fight charged towards each-other, In the heat of the moment Vicky called Aishwarya Chudail. While, both Ankita and Neil were seen defending each-other's patner. 


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While the other member of Dil room, Abhishek Kumar nomiated Aishwarya and Ankita in nomiation. Isha Malviya's nomination came across as shock as she nominated Ankita and Neil. Ankita was also seen upset with Isha over nomination.

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