"Anand Mahindra's Vision of Musical Highways Hits a Sour Note with Netizens Over Crumbling Roads"

Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group, faced criticism from netizens after expressing his vision of musical highways due to the state of deteriorating roads in India.

By Megha Badiger
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Anand Mahindra's Vision of Musical Highways

Image Credits: Musical Highways

Technology-driven innovations have the potential to transform our daily lives in numerous ways. From self-driving cars to advanced healthcare systems, the possibilities seem endless. One such idea that caught the attention of netizens was Anand Mahindra's vision of musical highways. However, this innovative concept soon hit a sour note with netizens as they began to express their dissatisfaction over the state of crumbling roads.


Anand Mahindra's Musical Highways 

Anand Mahindra, the renowned Indian industrialist and Chairman of the Mahindra Group, has been known for his progressive ideas and innovative thinking. One of his visionary concepts involved transforming ordinary highways into musical ones. The idea was to embed sensors underneath the road surface, triggering musical tones or melodies as vehicles passed over them. This unique concept aimed to enhance the driving experience and provide a sense of joy to commuters.

Netizens' Discontent


While the idea of musical highways garnered initial excitement and curiosity among netizens, their enthusiasm soon turned to frustration due to the prevailing conditions of crumbling roads. Many social media users voiced their concerns about the lack of basic infrastructure and the dire state of roads in various regions. They argued that focusing on such novel concepts before addressing the fundamental problem of road maintenance would be a misallocation of resources.

Road Safety vs. Novelty

Another concern expressed by netizens was the potential distraction caused by musical highways. Critics argued that introducing musical elements on roads might lead to decreased driver concentration and increased risk of accidents. They highlighted the importance of prioritizing road safety measures and urged authorities and policymakers to address existing road maintenance issues rather than investing in innovative but potentially risky concepts.


Addressing the Crumbling Roads

Netizens emphasized the urgent need to focus on improving the deteriorating condition of roads. They suggested that instead of exploring extravagant ideas, government bodies and infrastructure development authorities should prioritize regular maintenance, repair, and expansion of existing road networks. By allocating resources and attention to these crucial areas, they argued, the driving experience for all commuters could be significantly improved.

Balancing Innovation and Infrastructure

While netizens expressed their discontent over the condition of roads, they also acknowledged the importance of innovation in advancing society. They suggested that while visionary concepts such as musical highways hold potential, they must be implemented in a balanced manner, ensuring that basic infrastructure needs are met first. By maintaining a focus on both innovation and infrastructure, advancements can be made without compromising on safety and the overall well-being of the citizens. 


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