Bigg Boss OTT2: Abhishek Malhan and Pooja Bhatt are coming across as top 2 contestant

Big boss ott2 brings in different flavour of masala in the house where each day new equations are being formed. Top 3 contestant are already being predicted.

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Big Boss OTT2 contestants Pooja bhatt and Abhisheik Malhan

The new season of Big Boss OTT2 has been trending since its premier. The show has reached to its third week. The house has seen huge fights, new bonds and friendhips. Looking at the latest episodes and present scenario in social media platforms Abhishek Malhan aka FukraInsaan and Pooja Bhatt are coming across as a top 2 contestants of the season. Followed by Manisha Rani who has been winning audeince hearts over social media platfoms. 


Abhishek malhan has huge fan base outside the house from his youtube background and he is coming across as the strongest contestant in the house. Audience are loving him for his wit, humour and competivie spirit and  he has also been targeted most by the housemate especially Bebika Dhurve and by Pooja Bhatt who is the 2nd most strongest player in the house. She is a well know film director and actress and daughter of mahesh bhatt. Earlier she was critized by the audeince but with each passing day she is coming across as one the most stongest and intelligent player in the house. She is being appreciated for her a strong stands  and her upfront personality. The contestant have even accused her for being dominated as she has ben seen giving advices and taking frim stands against Abhishek Malhan, Jad  Hadid and other contestants. Both Abhisek and Pooja Bhatt share a love-hate relation with each other. They stand strong against each other and have a very transparent relationship .  Both of them hold a strong place as a top 2 contestants at present Followed by Manisha Rani she is one the most loved contestant of this season. Her desi personality is being loved by the audeince she is one of the most entertaining player of this seaason. Her friendship with abhishek malhan is loved by the audience they also have a #abhisha given by audience. Both of them have supoorted each other in game from the begining.  Her roamtic nok-jhok with jad hadid is also quite entertaining and fun to watch. Her fights with bebika dhruve is also one  of the most interesting things of this season. It will be interesting to see where this friends turned enemey equation will take this two in the game. 

Its a six week show and the season has reached its half way with this week.

Each day the bond between the housemates are changing with each other.  In the latest episodes and promos its clear that many new fights and bonds are being formed  in the house. Manisha Rani and Jiya Shankar are seen fighting and going against each other. Whereas,  Abhishek Malhan and Bebika Dhurve are seen having fun and teasing each other. Pooja bhatt is also seen sharing a light moment with Abhishek Malhan and  manisha rani in the latest episode. Housemates are seen questioning Jiya Shankar and Jad Hadid's relation. It will bee interesting to see if any other contestants can step up their game in the race.  Where Abhishek Malhan aka FukraInsaan and Pooja Bhatt are ahead. 

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