TREASURE’s ReleaseS Its 1st Episode Of Their Web Drama “It’s Okay, That’s Friendship” With Love Triangle Plot-Twist Ending, Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Bad Boy Haruto

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TREASURE recently released the first episode of their web drama, It’s Okay, That’s Friendship, in which members Junkyu and Doyoung attend a new school and meet some new faces.

There they meet the oh-so cool and popular guys, also known as TREASURE.

They get to know the five boys one by one. It starts from Jeongwoo where he is acknowledged for his stunning good looks and tan skin tone.

Some say he ate too much chocolate and got his dark complexion. Tens of thousands of people are starstruck by his bronze look.

Next, they introduce Jaehyuk who is the son of a popular food delivery app creator, Jaehyuk is known for his money.

Next one they introduce is Asahi who also belongs to a rich family that owns a global beer company.

Next, Haruto is introduced as having both the money as an heir to Hilteum Hotels and the looks that are “worthy of global presence!”

Maknae Junghwan is also part of the clique, introducing himself as the son of Hilteum Chairman’s secretary.

Also fans are amazed by bad boy Haruto chams!!

When he isn’t sleeping in class, Haruto spends his time tattling on Junkyu and refusing to lend him the textbook he isn’t using.

Junkyu and Haruto may live completely different lives but Haruto won’t let Junkyu escape that easily!

When Haruto said in soft voice, “I don’t want you to [leave]. It’s amusing with you here.” with an bad-boy behavior it was totally a killing point.

He may look tough, but he just wants to be friends!

This Haruto acting has now left in everyone’s minds and fans hope one day he can make his real acting debut!

On the other hand you will see the love triangle plot-twist between Jeongwoo, Doyoung, and Jaehyuk.

After befriending Jeongwoo over banana milk, he meets Doyoung and introduces himself as the class president.

Later, Jeongwoo comes to surprise Jaehyuk with his favorite drink but when he enters, he sees his best friend hanging out with the new student!


He leaves heartbroken but it doesn’t take long for Jaehyuk to come running after his best friend and assure him he’s the only one…

and at that time Jeongwoo says, “Other than me, don’t call anyone by their first name.”

It turns out Jaehyuk was loyal to his best friend from the beginning! as Jaehyuk says to Doyoung that “I just have to be with Jeongwoo. That makes me happy” When Doyoung asked him, “what are you doing on Valentine’s day.”

Here is full episode down below!!

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