Traveling in this pandemic? Have questions about safety? Here are questions below that almost everyone has in their mind before traveling and we tried to answer them.


The Centers for Disease Control says you should NOT travel unless absolutely necessary. many people are totally ignoring those life-saving guidelines to take advantage of travel deals, attend weddings, go to bachelorette parties, or just visit friends out of state for half the price.

And while you might be saying, “Air travel isn’t against the law!” or “I’m young and healthy, so why not capitalize on a shitty situation?” or even “I’M JUST SO SICK OF STAYING AT HOME!” those excuses completely disregard others’ safety for your own personal desires—and yeah, that’s something you should feel bad about.

So here are the questions people usually ask before traveling in the pandemic –

Is it just shitty for me to take a trip before a vaccine exists?
So…yes. Jetting off to hit the clurb with a big group of friends is highly shitty. But traveling from a state with low COVID-19 cases, renting an RV with the people you already live with, and road-tripping to an isolated-ish place where numbers are also down is a more responsible way to travel, says Manisha Juthani, MD, an infectious diseases expert at Yale School of Medicine. Just keep in mind that whatever your plans—and even if you take every precaution—your trip could result in someone (including you) getting sick.

What if I tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies or I’ve recovered from the virus? Am I in the clear to go anywhere I want?
Probably not,” says Dr. Juthani. Studies suggest that the antibodies last for only a short period of time, so it’s very possible that you could contract the virus again. That’s a risk to you and all the people you travel with.

Okay, so what’s the absolute safest type of vacation for anyone to take right now?
You mean besides staying home and kickin’ it in your kiddie pool? Bc that’s truly the safest. Generally, though, the more time you spend indoors with other people, the higher your risk of catching or spreading the virus. Here’s Dr. Juthani’s ranking of options, from least to most sketchy:
• Road-tripping in an RV with your own bathroom.

• Road-tripping using gas-station bathrooms.
• Driving and staying at an Airbnb.
• Driving and staying at a hotel.
• Flying anywhere domestically.
• Flying anywhere internationally.
• Taking a cruise.

Helpful! But what if I have to travel to (or from) a place with high COVID-19 cases?
First, think about if you sincerely have to. If you got sick, you’d be putting more stress on the health care system. So consider canceling any non-necessary trip if your state or destination has a positive rate near 10 percent or higher.

I do need to travel for a family emergency but can’t stay with my actual family. You sure we can trust home rentals?
It all comes down to the host’s cleaning procedures (so always ask for lots of details). But renting out an entire home is less risky than shacking up at a hotel with what could be lots of other travelers who are all using unavoidable shared common areas like elevators, restaurants, and lobbies.

What if their town doesn’t have rentals?
If you have to stay at a hotel, touchless check-in is a good idea, as is bringing your own wipes and using them on surfaces like remotes, doorknobs, and the toilet flush handle. Spend as little time in lobbies as possible, and try to stand in the corner of the elevator when you need to get to/from your room. This’ll keep you from breathing the most trafficked air. Dr. Juthani also suggests turning down turndown service and room cleaning to limit your exposure to others (and theirs to you).

Will it ever be safe to take a cruise again?
Someday, post-vaccine or when a more effective COVID-19 therapy exists, yes, says Dr. Juthani. But for now, be prepared to love you some road trips.

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