Mirzapur 3 Trailer Drop: Fans Miss Divyenndu’s Character ‘Munna Bhaiyya’

As the trailer for Mirzapur 3 is released, fans express nostalgia and longing for Divyenndu's iconic character 'Munna Bhaiyya'. His absence in the upcoming season is keenly felt by the audience.

By Megha Badiger
New Update
Munna Bhaiyya

Image: Munna Bhaiyya

The release of the “Mirzapur 3” trailer has excited fans but also made them miss one of the show’s favorite characters, Munna Bhaiyya, played by Divyenndu. Munna Bhaiyya, known for being intense and unpredictable, was a key part of the power struggles in Mirzapur, leaving a big impression with his mix of ruthlessness and vulnerability.


Fans are sharing their mixed feelings about the new season on social media. The trailer promises more action and complex storytelling, but Munna Bhaiyya’s absence is strongly felt. Many are posting their favorite moments of the character, praising Divyenndu’s acting and missing the special dynamic he brought to the show.

Even with the excitement for the new season, the lack of Munna Bhaiyya casts a big shadow. His story, full of ambition and tragedy, left a lasting mark on the series, making his absence a reminder of how important he was. Fans will be watching to see how the story changes without him, but Munna Bhaiyya’s legacy will continue.

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