Top 6 most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2021

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1.Sia Moiwa is the founder and CEO of Instrument of God Ministries. She is considered as a spiritual person to impact, motivate and inspire the lives of people in distress. Sia clients have been eased in their personal, work and spiritual lives after getting healed from the Sia’s certified trauma regaining session. She is also defined as the radical firecracker as she specializes in motivational coaching and speaking, Prophetic Poetry, trauma healing and empowering workshops. She is also of the view that black owns businesses. She is a successful business woman. She has saved the citizens of a village in West Africa. Her motive is to free the families and individuals from the traumatic experiences and has helped hundreds of such individuals and 


2. Dr. Fayola Delica is the founder and CEO of Fayola Delica LLC. She started her company in 2013 after facing the major economic loss of 2008. She faced a lot of troubles from being a nurse to being homeless. Then after a great struggle, she was able to raise her voice and became a successful healthcare provider along with a successful business woman. The main topics of discussion include empowerment, health/fitness, entrepreneurship, development of non-profits and professional growth. She provide a number of financial services for the clients through her company such as credit repair, development of business and a lot more. 

3. Ashley Le’rae is the CEO and owner of Promising Prosperity Consulting. She is a certified financial specialist and board certified credit coach. She started the business in 2020. She started this business in order to guide people around on the way to prospect. It provides credit consulting and financial literacy for the clients who are looking for freedom in financial matters. Ashley’s company allows a number of financial services such as credit repay, financial literacy and business management. Promising Prosperity Consulting is taking accurate interest in credit repair through using laws to challenge inaccurate reporting and information of the clients’ credit profiles. 

4. Tamara Rivers is the CEO of The Financial Transformation. She started this business in 2018. It has enabled her to assist people in changing their lives through a number of guidance and leadership programs. Her main motivation and aim is to educate the people on building and rebuilding of credit cards to invest and live a comfortable life. Tamara Rivers is quite aware of the state of her clients because she has been through that stage. She rebuilt her credit card in order to purchase and obtain the things which she craved for. Since then she started this business and now she is the owner of two luxurious homes and two handsome vehicles and built a prospect credit business. 

5. Angel McCain is the owner of Mad Credit Repair LLC. She is of the view of fixing the clients’ credit now not when there is a need to. Angel McCain owns a repair company but her company is also providing the clients with financial services for more than a year. The financial services may be inclusive of tax preparations, credit compensations and loans. The company Mad Credit Repair LLC helps the clients in fixing their credit and its repairing. It is also facilitating the clients in grabbing loans for whatever purpose may it be to buy a new car, house or anything. 

6. Shan Moy

Shan, the 28-year-old is one of the Lone Star State’s skyrocketing millennial entrepreneurs. She’s a sought-after speaker and motivator poised to become one of the area’s leading wealth and prosperity coaches. She’s also play a part in the Texas Young Democrats. Shan is the young Black owner of multiple companies such as 750 Plus Credit, TempSkan Corp (which became a million dollar company during the pandemic) , MVP Publicity, Spark My House Residential just to name a few of her companies. 

As her expertise in business management rapidly grew, she decided to expand into business coaching. Over the last few years, Shan’s coaching has been known to take her clients’ businesses from operating at a dangerously low income level to operating efficiently and with a high profit margin.

She hopes to continue sharing her stories and the words of wisdom she’s picked up along the way to inspire other rising entrepreneurs so they can thrive professionally, financially, personally, and spiritually.

As a vessel for the mysterious empowerment of the universe, she wants to be used to work miracles in others’ lives, helping them rise above every challenge, every lie, every doubter, every hater and be brave enough to embrace true and lasting success. 

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