Top 5 Underrated Movies On Netflix You Haven’t Watched Yet!!


Netflix has taken over every platform. Apart from its varied range of collection, it is known for its newness and the quality of cinema. Every youth is engaged in it more than every other thing. As the generation gets tech-savvy, so does everything. Digital platforms are overpowering everything. No one goes to multiplexes and based on the current situation, no one would either prefer to go out.

Everyone has a particular taste in movies. Not every movie and genre is appreciated. There are movies which are highly rated and there are some which doesn’t catch any attention. It becomes old and untouched with. But that’s the essence of it. Though being old and unnoticed, it tends to be the most fascinating and interesting of all. It won’t come in your top list but it will surely come once you watch it. Underrated movies are the ones which makes you dig deeper into it with its every frame. It never has any renowned or much acclaimed cast. It includes such actors who are intense, dedicated and usually underrated too.

Here are some underrated on Netflix which you should watch at least once in life time:

1. Sense 8: This series directed by Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski and J. Michael is a story of a group of 8 people who mysteriously get linked together. The story builds curiosity when these 8 people starts experiencing each other’s lives through telepathy and struggles to protect themselves from people who view them as a threat.

2. Unbelievable: The plot revolves around a young woman who is accused of lying about a rape. When the lack of proper evidence emerges, the woman has to retract her statements. The series is based on a true incident.

3. Alias Grace: Based on a novel by Margaret Atwood, the movie revolves around the premise wherein a nurse has murdered and a psychiatrist is asked to decide whether to pardon her or not. She was jailed for a murder for which she has no recollection of.

4. Dating Around: A rom-com movie which will give ache to your stomach with laughs. It features a young man from real life who decides to go on blind dates until he finds his perfect match.

5. Hinter Land: Mysteries are loved by almost everyone. It makes you so engrossed with the plot that you don’t see something else. You go to bed thinking about it and you wake up thinking about it. This movie is about a police detective who moves to a new place only to discover the place has dark secrets just like he does.  

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