Throwback Photos From Legend Sridevi’s Journey As The Queen Of Entertainment In Multi-lingual Films

Throwback Photos From Legend Sridevi’s Journey As The Queen Of Entertainment In Multi-lingual Films

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‘Sridevi’, the name is enough to say that how magic the woman has created around the Indian Film Industry! She is a queen of hearts and feels blessed to our eyes when we watch her on-screen but unfortunately, the legend left all of us by playing her last role in the film Mom (2017).

Today on the death anniversary of Sridevi Ji we’ll take some pictures from her journey of acting, she has been an entertainer literally from her childhood till her last breath served her life in cinemas throughout her life by giving us most of the iconic characters. Apart from her remarkable acting, she was a perfect graceful dancer, queen of various expressions, the woman who is naturally born with such incredible talents in herself. The words will go on if we talk about Sridevi Ji because there’s no end mark for the actress, so let’s have a look into some of her movie stills.

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The ultimate fashion queen, she has also set her individuality in opting for unique attires with unlike accessories who carry it with all ease and I’m sure no one could have opted them like her. See below:

• Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari

These are the stills from the film’s song ‘Andalalo Aho Mahodayam’, just look at her how she’s shining and seems like an apsara step down on earth straight from heaven.

• Mr. India

One of the most favorite movies and songs of Sridevi ‘Hawa Hawai’. The best one that whole golden body con gown to her crown overhead makes her queen of a palace! Also, the same whole look was created into a wax statue at Singapore’s Madame Tussauds. You definitely ruled the world, ma’am!

Bollywood icon Sridevi's wax figure unveiled in Singapore

• Nagina

Who can forget this? Again one of her bests and iconic roles. Her outfit and mind-blowing dance in the song ‘Main Teri Dushman, Dushman Tu Mera’ every time lefts us with no words, actually her every dancing song.

• Himmatwala

In ‘Naino Me Sapna’ the actress is looking like the one and only diamond/gold left in the world, the whole jewelry set over her body and outfit has been nailed by the legendary actress.

• Puli

Though this Tamil film didn’t do well among the audience Sridevi’s role and every look of her from Puli is praiseworthy. Wow, being in her 50s with same the aura of continuation from her childhood is incredible, the attitude in her eyes and the beauty have been perfectly pulled off by her, looked like a queen of the world, You are, epic!

Yes, there are many other films, songs, and looks of Sridevi which we can never forget and stop praising them will continue to appreciate her till our last breath. Sridevi Ji? You will stay forever in our hearts and in the list of our favorite actresses. And hope you are at peace & even impressing everyone up in heaven.

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