This Unlock 1.0, Ace the Quarantine with Varun and Divya only on MTV


National, 3rd July 2020: Mirror Mirror on the wall; who aces it the best of all? India’s got a lot of talent and this lockdown has proved it so. From Dalgona coffee to scrumptious pastas, indoor games to creative workouts, stand up specials to digital reunions, Indians left no stones unturned to ensure that they quarantine well. But now it’s time to assess who did it the best? As Unlock 1.0 begins to phase out across the country, MTV brings to you Ace the Quarantine, a fun and quirky show to put your newfound talents to test, starting 12th July, every day at 7PM.

Hosted by the LIIT couple of TV, Varun Sood and Divya Agarwal, MTV Ace The Quarantine intends to gauge how individuals have aced their skills and are ready to compete against each other to win, despite limited space and resources, amidst the quarantine. Who ‘aces’ the quarantine in the most entertaining way is for the janta to decide! The show features some of the famous faces from Roadies and MTV Ace of Space like Arun Sharma, Manhar Seth, Akshay Kakkar, Yukti Arora, Sohil Singh Jhutti, Tara Prasad, Rowhi Rahi, Nikita Bhamidipati and Yukti Thareja, who will showcase how are they ‘acing’ being at home in their own style! From cooking to poetry to nailing the make-up look to dancing, making funny videos and so much more, these content creators will get head on to be the ‘Favorite Entertainer’ which will be decided via daily public voting on VOOT. The show will also have some special guests who will add up to all the fun!

Incidentally, both Varun and Divya were also a part of Ace of Space S1, MTV’s interactive reality show in 2018 that dealt with survival within shrunk spaces and minimal basics.

Varun Sood, “This prolonged lockdown has given all of us ample time and opportunity of honing our skills, revisit some old habits or explore new ones. I think during this phase, most of us must have gone back to or tapped a potential we never knew we had or never found the time to work upon. Ace the Quarantine is a fun opportunity to celebrate all those untapped yet supremely fun skills unabashedly. This show will offer a glimpse to the crazy and diverse ways we all have used to make this quarantine fun and enjoyable.”

He further adds, “MTV has always inspired the youth to channelize their skills in the best possible way. We hope to do something similar with Ace the Quarantine pepped up with lots of drama, fun and entertainment.”

Divya Agarwal, “The lockdown has made me super productive in ways I could have never imagined. The best part is that it has led me to do things differently and help hone my creativity. When Varun and I first heard the concept of Ace the Quarantine, we were instantly hooked. We have ‘aced’ the fight for space in our own ways previously and now it will be interesting to see how people around have aced their skills indoors amidst limited space and resources and yet had the most fun doing it.”

So, sit back and hold tight as a new adventure awaits you. Ace this quarantine, only with us on MTV, starting 12th July, every day at 7PM.

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