These Films Of Bollywood Have Best Court Proceedings That Time And Again Proved The Importance Of Judiciary


If any dispute between parties takes place people we will see you in the court that proves that the Indian Judiciary is a pivotal pillar of democracy along with legislative and executives. The Judicial system is the backbone of the constitution of India and it interprets laws. It is the place where all are equal. No person is discriminated based on rich and poor, race, religion, caste, or any other background. It is functioned on an egalitarian basis. It is considered as the ‘temple of justice’ where people have faith that they will get fair justice and will be proved innocent from the false accusations made on them. Judiciary is the belief that no matter what Truth Always Wins and cannot be defeated.

The judiciary has been the nation’s moral conscience, speaking truth to political power, upholding the rights of citizens, mediating Centre-state conflicts, providing justice to the rich and poor alike, and on several momentous occasions, saving democracy itself.

As cinema is considered as the mirror of society, Bollywood has in a way significantly portrayed that the apex court’s verdict is of utmost importance and no one can defy the judgment given by the impartial judge.

We take a look at films that are truly entertaining courtroom drama which is intriguing!

Damini (1993)

One of the iconic courts proceeding in Bollywood is in the film Damini. The film is known for Sunny Deol’s quote ‘tareekh pe tareekh.’ It is an ever-entertaining court drama between wicked defense lawyer Chhada played by Amrish Puri opposite to Sunny Deol whose client is Meenakshi Sheshadri. It is a female-centric film that revolves around a married woman (Meenakshi Seshadri) who fights injustice in her patriarchal family.

Oh My God (2012)

Oh My God stars Paresh Rawal in the lead role a man who is atheist and files fights gods in court and sues them under the section, Act of God. The film’s storyline is very unconventional. It is an interesting story that took digs at blind faith and self-appointed godmen. The courtroom drama has revealed many facts behind the idea of the existence of God. The film also highlights that religions, caste, and other discrimination are man-made.

Jolly LLB (2013)

The film is a story of an underdog lawyer Jolly (Arshad Warsi) who files a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) against a rich man’s son accused of killing six people sleeping on pavements through rash driving. The defense lawyer is well-known Tejinder Rajpal (Boman Irani) has never lost any case. Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi’s verbal sparring in the court was the highlight of the film that also exposed the apathy of the upper classes towards the plight of the downtrodden.

Pink (2016)

Pink is the story about three girls accused in a false case of attempted murder and soliciting — when one of them defends herself against a would-be molester and injures him. The man is politically connected; he and his cronies try to intimidate the girls and the trial is where it eventually comes to! Once the courtroom drama unfolds it’s the lawyer Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan) whose rich profound voice echoes inside the courtroom. The win wasn’t easy but in the end, the trio of girls won the case.

Rustom (2016)

Rustom is an intriguing court room drama, an Indian Navy Officer played by Akshay Kumar who kills his wife’s boyfriend and pleads not guilty and decides to fight his own case, and cleverly places his pawns and eventually The decorated navy commander gets clean chit as The jury weighs its options and declares it an accidental death. It is the film that spins off on the sensational KM Nanavati case that caught national attention in 1959.

Jolly LLB 2 (2017)

It is a case about a common man killed in a fake police encounter and his wife was seeking justice for him.  Jolly (Akshay Kumar) decides to file public interest litigation to prove that Hina’s husband, Iqbal Qasim (Manav Kaul), was killed in a fake police encounter. Interestingly, this is the defense that the corrupt and powerful police lawyer, Mathur (Annu Kapoor), uses when he is defending his client, the encounter specialist Inspector Suryaveer Singh (Kumud Mishra). The war of words between two lawyers is the highlight of the film.

Mulk (2018)

The film is directed by Anubhav Sinha, stars Rishi Kapoor, a father to a terrorist-son killed in a crossfire. His entire family get labeled as terrorists and are accused of running a covert training camp within their residence. To prove his innocence, he then takes to the court and his represented by his lawyer (Taapsee Pannu) while Ashutosh Rana plays the prosecutor. The film is based on the communal disputes prevailing in the country.

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