Celebrating the Youngest Mompreneur in India, Harshita Dagha, this Women’s Day

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There’s a new subset out to outshine major sets in the world of entrepreneurs. It’s made of women who know how to juggle their home and their work with so much ease, they can almost give professionals a run for their money. These exceptional women are called mompreneurs and Women’s Day calls for a celebration with this flock.

What’s mightier

The passionate pen of one such mompreneur has been penning path-breaking content since over a decade and her story is the most appropriate addition to our Women’s Day listings. Following her passion after an engineering degree, wasn’t an easy journey for Harshita Dagha, the youngest mompreneur in India. It has taken her years to build her connections in the content industry and she believes there’s still a long way to go.

“Once the yearning for learning stops and you feel you’ve reached your pinnacle, there’s only looking down, no up. So higher the goals, more driven you are in life.”

Top notch

Right now, she is accredited among the top freelance writers in India, even making her way into the Indian Food Express as India’s Top 10 writers in 2020.

To that, Harshita says, “This is just the beginning. I’ve lots to learn, lots to uncover and discover.”

Providing holistic content solutions, she has widened her scope of capturing any content-related business in industries – majorly lifestyle and entertainment.

Her Femina bio reads, “If there’s a man draped in funny-looking purple robe, she’ll write about it. If you have one ear on either side of your face, she’ll write about that too. She loves expressing so much that she often reads out to empty rooms and yells, “I know you’re listening!” Her love for expressions, Bollywood, Karan Johar and romance is truly undying, unconditional and unapologetic!”

The vibe

It’s all things vibrant to see a mompreneur with such energy.
“It is only for the little vibrance in me that I could manage to keep my colour alive. Writing was, is and always will be.”
She has claimed that her career boosted after motherhood and it does show since she is often found interviewing the who-whos of the industry (read: Dia Mirza, Pratik Gandhi, and Kaneez Surka, to name a few).
Harshita has successfully merged her passion with her work where she can provide solutions to anyone seeking it.

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