Humans Of New York Founder Brandon Stanton Takes Dig At Humans Of Bombay For Using Art With 'Profit Motive'

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The ongoing ethical battle between Humans of New York and its ripoff entity Humans of Bombay has entered a new phase with Brandon Stanton taking a subtle dig at those ‘making profit of art’.


In a recent social media post, Humans of New York founder, Brandon Stanton commented on an ongoing 'court case involving my work, but which thankfully doesn't involve me.' Clearly he was referring to the copyright infringement case filed by Humans of Bombay against People of India.

Brandon has in the past shown displeasure at Humans of Bombay making huge profits after using his brand. "I've stayed quiet on the appropriation of my work because I think @HumansOfBombay shares important stories, even if they've monetized far past anything I'd feel comfortable doing on HONY. But you can't be suing people for what I've forgiven you for," posted the American blogger.

 Today again he posted a long comment on how he doesn't believe in profiteering from art and art seizes to exit if that happens.


'For the last thirteen years I haven't received a penny for a single story told on Humans of New York, despite many millions offered. All my income has come from books of my work, speeches I have given, and Patreon.' He stated.

 The commenting on copyright infringment he went on to add, ‘I cannot provide an informed opinion on the intricacies of copyright law, but I do have an opinion on what it means to be an artist. Beautiful art can make money, there is nothing wrong with that. But when art begins with a profit motive, it ceases to become art. And becomes a product’

Clearly Brandon respects his art and won't take any step against those using his name but doesn't want to be identified with profiteers, 'I welcome anyone who is using the 'Humans of' concept to express something true and beautiful about their community. I do not identify with anyone who is using it for the sake of creating a certain lifestyle for themselves.'

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