“The Interesting Part Is I Got To Hear From People I Never Even Imagined”, Says Nivetha Thomas On The Success Of ‘V’


The most awaited crime thriller, V saw a global release on Amazon Prime Video recently and has been garnering immense praises and appreciation for the brilliant storyline and some jaw dropping action sequences. Nivetha Thomas who’s playing the lead role of a journalist who’d go to any extent to solve a case shares some insights and comments on the global success of V.

The actress says, “I actually saw the film first day first show on screen at Nani’s a place. I was just sitting there and I had so many things running in my mind that it’s going to be this way or that way. See I was the part of the film I knew the story, I was just sitting there as a fresh audience wanting to see how this is going to play out but the more I kept seeing it and that’s why I guess the first scene is so important as it sets the tone to the film even with the violence and just the overall mood of the film.”

Praising Sudheer Babu’s performance in the opening sequence of the film she futher adds, “I think Sudheer did a fabulous job with that before Sudheer ripped his shirt out but even before that and after that everything was good.”

Adding futher on global release and the constant love pouring in for the film Nivetha adds, “I think the best experience for me with the OTT release is just the bulk of feedback, it truly hits you and you have to be ready to take all of it good or bad and even if it’s okay or not okay everything is going to come to you and you have to stand there as strong as the film and take it all in and there are also so many perspectives and point of views. The interesting part is I got to hear from people I never even imagined would go to a theater and watch it. There’s an auntie who lives right under my house so I just came back from Hyderabad and she came to me and told me that she loved it and I was like would you okay with all of the violence and crazy they were like no it’s all okay and we really liked it and I was like oh cool nice. So that was the sense of joy to hear from people I never imagined I would hear, especially with the first day experience they also had and I also saw a comment in Arabic and that’s the sort of reach we had and I’m so glad that there are so many people noticing things and talking about it and I think I am hearing a lot about the film and what it stands for and what these characters stood for and the fun was a really great experience.”

The much-awaited Telugu action thriller and the first star-studded Telugu film V is streaming successfully on Amazon Prime Video!

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