‘The Family Man 2’ Is NOT Cancelled & Expected To Release Before June 2021; Details Inside

‘The Family Man 2’ Is NOT Cancelled & Expected To Release Before June 2021; Details Inside

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The Family Man show which released in September 2019, has now geared up for the release of its second season and this was planned for February 2021 release but there’s no confirmation yet it is being delayed.

Meanwhile, one of the news media daily made reports that the show has been canceled. Yes, you read that right but it is nowhere a truth. Thankfully, within two hours of that report published the producers of the show Raj & DK replied to that tweet with “BS!” which means – bullsh*t. In other words, they slammed this news article and in turn, the fans were able to heave a sigh of relief.

Take a look:

And a source close to the series says, “What Raj and DK tweeted is right. There’s no way the season is getting canceled. We were quite shocked when this report came in. There’s no truth to it at all.”

Also, when a first show released on the OTT platform amid covid-pandemic that got in trouble due to allegations were raised on the show that hurts religious sentiments and there when the government stepped in and decided to formulate and implement guidelines for the OTT shows. And due to this, it was also said that The Family Man 2 got delayed due to reasons related to this matter only but however this also remains untruth. And the source clears out by revealing, “Nothing in the show is getting reshot. Raj and DK have already moved on to their next web series, starring Shahid Kapoor. And no, Amazon Prime is not even censoring anything. There’s nothing in the show that needs to be removed.”

Explaining the delay behind the new season’s release, the source continues, “The OTT guidelines are now in place, and to put it into motion, Amazon Prime is taking the time. It’s the new rule and to follow it, Amazon has taken the time and hence, it has decided to delay the second installment. That’s all.”

So, when can we expect it to be out? The source says, “It’ll be out in the summers. So, expect it to release in May or June 2021.”

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