The Conjuring 3 Movie Review – Takes The Conjuring Universe To The Next Level

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After impressing us with previous films in The Conjuring Universe, the third part, The Conjuring : The Devil Made Me Do It, has Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson return as the famous American paranormal investigators , Ed and Lorraine Warren, who takes The Conjuring Universe to the level.

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As we are introduced to the world of The Conjuring 3, we see Ed and Lorraine Warren take on a new case in which a  suspect gets possessed by a devil when he was involved in the murder. Like before, The Warrens couples have to prove the existence of a spirit to a courthouse. As they fight the devil, they themselves have to fight the one which is inside them.

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The Conjuring 3 is directed by Michael Chaves who has previously made The Curse of La Llorona while James Wan who created The Conjuring Universe takes a back seat and writes the third chapter. The best part of watching horror films is the chill that will run down your spine , the curiosity to watch what-happens next , the excitement it builds pumping up your blood level. The Conjuring 3 gives an adrenaline rush to your body with few scary scenes and spooky moments. Only I wish , it could have been more.  Michael Chaves explores a complete new dimension with the third part which focuses more on the story rather than the chilling moments. The story is based on true incidents and is powerful along with engrossing screenplay. I felt that there were some chilling moments in the film but not enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Couple of scenes will give you a jilt but far from giving you a jump-scare.

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The cinematography is captivating while the background score gives you a genre of horror movies. Art direction is enduring. Editing is loose as the film is slight long and dilutes the impact. It is Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are the soul of the film especially Farmiga. She is fill of expression and gives in a great performance as Lorraine.

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Overall , The Conjuring 3 is a good follow-up to the previous parts which has some scary scenes to invoke chills and tense moments along with outstanding performances. A good watch 3/5

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is scheduled to release in theatres on June 4, followed by a release on HBO Max.

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