The Best Climax Scenes In Both Bollywood And Hollywood


There have always been movies that have been extremely compelling. Thanks to the conceptualization by the writer and the director, a compelling script is created which engulfs an audience into the plot. But when you add a brilliant climax to it, then the pleasure around the whole movie heightens and gives the spectators a brilliant experience that they would remember for a life time.

So, here are some of the movies with the most incredible climax scenes


Christine Collins reports that her son, Walter has gone missing. The police find the boy in a matter of hours and returns to his mother, only to witness that the mother refuses to accept the boy as her son. So what has happened to Walter? You will not believe when the whole truth is unraveled.


A Biotechnologist is visiting a conference with his wife in Berlin where he is involved in an accident. He goes into a coma wakes up and finds that his identity is stolen, with someone else posing as him and his wife also does not recognize him. When the truth is discovered, you will rip out your own hair.

Perfect Stranger(2007)

This is a whodunnit movie where the truth keeps on warping again and again, thanks to a mind boggling plot. A reporter discovers that her friend has been murdered and she had been having an affair with a wealthy business executive.


An accident of a popular actor, Armaan Kapoor is being investigated by Mumbai Police. The officers in charge, Surjan Singh Shekhawat and Devrath Kulkarni uncover a horrible secret.

Bhool Bhulaiya(2007)

Siddharth Chaturvedi and his wife, Avni open up their so-called haunted ancestral property with an intention of living there. His uncle Badrinath Chaturvedi is against this decision, but complies grudgingly. The house is said to be haunted with the spirit of a Bengali classic dancer, Manjulika who was murdered by one of Siddharth’s ancestors. Spooky things start happening once they occupy the house. To investigate the whole matter with logic, Siddharth calls over his friend, psychiatrist Dr Aditya Shrivastav who uncovers a mystery that is skewed beyond logic.


Ronny has been tormented by his business rival, Kabir who has made numerous murder attempts at him. He is in love with Sonia, but realizes that his brother, Rajiv also loves her After thwarting various attempts at his life, moving out of Sonia and Rajiv’s way, and then being murdered, the truth is revealed but it cannot be handled in any way, because it is unbelievable.

88 Minutes(2007)

Dr. Gramm, Forensic Psychiatrist testifies against a serial killer who warns him that he will take his revenge. After nine years, he gets a call that he has only 88 minutes to live. But the sequence of events that happens afterwards leads to a fabulous climax where you are left guessing.


Vidya Bagchi’s husband, Arnab Bagchi goes missing and she is pregnant. She sets out in search of him, and discovers her husband resembles another person Milind Damji, who has a shady past. The climax has been positioned at the end of the movie and you are literally thrown aback when the truth is revealed.

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