Steve Jobs' Handwritten Apple-1 Ad Fetches Whopping Rs 1.4 Crore

A handwritten advertisement by Steve Jobs for the Apple-1 computer was sold for a staggering Rs 1.4 crore. The rare piece of history offers a glimpse into the early days of Apple.

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Handwritten Apple-1 Ad

Image Credits: Handwritten Apple-1 Ad

Regarding iconic tech entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs is a name that will forever be etched in history. Known for co-founding Apple Inc., Jobs revolutionized the tech industry and left an indelible mark with his innovative ideas and products. Recently, a handwritten Apple-1 ad by Steve Jobs was sold at an auction, fetching a jaw-dropping price of Rs 1.4 Crore. This unique piece of memorabilia offers a fascinating insight into the early days of Apple and serves as a testament to Jobs' visionary mind.


The Apple-1 and its Historical Significance

The Apple-1 was the first-ever personal computer Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak created and constructed it in 1976. It was a game-changing device that introduced the concept of a fully assembled circuit board, paving the way for future personal computers. With only about 200 units ever produced, the Apple-1 holds immense historical significance as the foundation of the global tech giant we know today.

The Handwritten Ad and Its Discovery


The handwritten Apple-1 ad recently sold at auction is an exceptional memorabilia. Going back to 1976, this advertisement is an authentic relic, showcasing the earliest attempt to promote Apple's groundbreaking computer. With its origins traced back to the legendary Homebrew Computer Club, where Jobs and Wozniak famously showcased their creation, this ad marks a critical moment in the company's history.

The Unique Appeal of a Handwritten Artifact

The allure of a handwritten document lies in its authenticity, as it offers a glimpse into the creator's mind. Steve Jobs' handwritten Apple-1 ad epitomizes this appeal. It showcases the young entrepreneur's attention to detail and exceptional marketing instincts. Jobs' artistic flair is evident in the elegant lettering and creative layout, reflecting his commitment to aesthetics and design, qualities that would later define Apple's products.


The High Price Tag Reflects Rarity and Historical Value

The staggering price of Rs 1.4 Crore (equivalent to approximately $190,000) for the handwritten Apple-1 ad highlights its rarity and the unyielding demand for tech history artifacts. Such prices are not unheard of for items related to Steve Jobs and Apple's early days. Collectors and enthusiasts worldwide recognize the immense value and significance of owning a piece of history, especially one intricately tied to a visionary like Jobs.

Preserving the Legacy of Tech Entrepreneurs

The sale of the handwritten Apple-1 ad underscores the importance of preserving the legacy and artifacts of tech entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs. These items are not mere collectibles, but a living testament to the pioneers who shaped today's digital world. They provide modern researchers with inspiration and future generations, emphasizing the potential of bold ideas and groundbreaking innovations. 

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