President Murmu Warns about Deep-Fake Risks: Police Need to be Updated on Technology

President Murmu warns about the risks of deep-fake technology, calling on the police to become more technologically advanced for identifying and preventing its use.

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Deep-Fake Risks

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The use of technology and the invention of new forms of technology are invaluable to law enforcement agencies. Despite its many advances, technology can also be a double-edged sword. On one hand, technological innovations improve the efficiency of police in apprehending criminals and conducting investigations. At the same time, however, some newer technologies can be used to commit crimes or subvert justice. 


This is the issue that was recently brought to light by Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu. While addressing a recently held seminar on cybercrime, Governor Murmu expressed concern over the rise of deep-fakes, which are videos created with artificial intelligence that can be used to manipulate the truth and create false evidence. She stated that police forces need to be made aware of the risks posed by deep-fakes to prevent them from being used in legal proceedings. 

Indeed, deepfakes can be used for malicious purposes, including spreading false information and creating false evidence. For example, a deep-fake video of an individual can easily be created using AI. The video can then be distributed online and used for blackmail or slander. What’s more, deep fakes can be used to create false evidence that could be used in criminal proceedings. This has the potential to seriously undermine the rule of law and the justice system.

To prevent the misuse of deep fakes, authorities need to update police forces on the latest technology. Police officers need to be trained to identify deep fakes and handle them appropriately. They must also be made aware of the legal implications of using deep-fakes as evidence and be equipped to deal with the consequences.

The warning issued by Governor Draupadi Murmu is a timely reminder of the potential risks posed by deep-fakes. Police forces need to be made aware of the pitfalls of using deep-fakes and updated on the available detection methods. This will help ensure that the justice system is not undermined by the use of false evidence.

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