Taylor Swift Teases Fans with Symbolic Lyric on Eclipse Day

On the day of the solar eclipse, global superstar Taylor Swift teased her fans with a mysterious and symbolic lyric, sparking speculation and excitement about a new album release.

By Megha Badiger
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Symbolic Lyric

Image: Symbolic Lyric

Taylor Swift, the sensational singer-songwriter, has once again sent her fans into a frenzy with her latest social media post. On the day of the highly anticipated solar eclipse, Taylor took to her Instagram and Twitter accounts to tease her followers with a cryptic message. The post featured a picture of a crescent moon with a caption that read “You can't spell ‘eclipse’ without ‘Lipstick’”. Fans were quick to dissect the meaning behind this symbolic lyric and speculate about what it could mean.


The unexpected post left Swifties (as Taylor’s die-hard fans are known) wanting more. They were left pondering over the hidden message and trying to decipher its significance. It is no secret that Taylor has a knack for using symbolism in her music and this post was no exception. So, let's take a deeper look at the possible interpretations of this intriguing yet mysterious lyric.

The Literal Meaning

The most obvious interpretation of the lyric is its literal meaning. Taylor is known for her love of bold makeup, especially red lipstick. With her mention of “lipstick” in the caption, it could simply be a nod to her signature look. The crescent moon, on the other hand, could be a reference to the shape of the eclipse or a nod to her upcoming album ‘Lover’ which features a crescent moon on its cover. Perhaps, Taylor just wanted to add a fun twist to the word ‘eclipse’.


A Subtle Hint at New Music

In the past, Taylor has used cryptic messages and hidden clues on social media to hint at new music releases. With her highly anticipated seventh album, ‘Lover’, set to release on August 23rd, fans are on the lookout for any hints or updates from the singer. Could this post be a subtle hint at a new song titled ‘Lipstick’? Fans are convinced that this could be the case and they are eagerly waiting for an official confirmation from Taylor herself.

A Reflection of Personal Growth


Taylor has always been known for her powerful, emotional, and relatable lyrics. Could this symbolic lyric be a reflection of her personal growth and journey as an artist? The eclipse is often seen as a symbol of change and transformation. It is a time to let go of the old and make way for the new. With her upcoming album, Taylor has already promised a shift in her music and this post could be a representation of that. She may be shedding light on her journey of self-discovery and transformation, and how it has influenced her music.

A Hidden Message for Fans

Taylor has always been known for her strong connection with her fans. She often goes out of her way to surprise and thank them for their unwavering support. This post could be another way for Taylor to acknowledge her fans and express her gratitude for their continuous love. The eclipse is a phenomenon that brings people together to witness a rare event. Similarly, Taylor's fans come together to support her and this post could be a subtle message of how this bond is unbreakable, just like the bond between the moon and the sun during an eclipse.

Whatever the true interpretation of this symbolic lyric may be, there is no doubt that Taylor has once again managed to captivate her fans with just a few words. Fans are eagerly waiting for August 23rd to unravel the mystery behind this post and to listen to ‘Lover’, which is already proving to be a highly anticipated album. Until then, we can only speculate and try to decipher the deeper meaning behind Taylor Swift’s teasing post on eclipse day.

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