Tanvi Pathan, a Teenager Girl Opens Up with a Story Accusing her Boyfriend of Harassment and Verbal Abuse:

Tanvee Pathan, a Teenager Girl Opens Up with a Story Accusing her Boyfriend of Harassment and Verbal Abuse:

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Tanvee Pathan, a college girl from Thane, Maharashtra opened up with a story accusing her past boyfriend of how he harassed, abused and physically hurt her for more than 2 years. Yesterday, the girl posted all the data including chat screenshots, few of the call recordings and start to end story in Instagram posts.

The toxic story defines how evil can be someone even when they are in a committed relationship. Abhishek Trivedi, the guy who has been accused for harassment, has done some real torture, physical and mental hurt with verbally abusing the girl and even her family.


The story includes all the minor needed details of them while the call recordings and chat screenshots proves it without any doubt. After the two years of mental torture the girl finally took to social media to give a brief of what all has happened to her.

At the end of the story Tanvi has also mentioned that families of both the sides already know everything, but the guy family didn’t do much except accusing the girl and belittling her blames.

The post reads, “His parents knew about all of it. They belittled me and called me whore, and victim blamed me saying “ladka hai toh ye sab karega hi”. They enabled him, Bella enabled him, and everyone associated with him, even after knowing what he did, made way for him to torture me for years.”


At the end of the story, Tanvee aware all the people who are associated with Abhishake about the trauma he has caused to Tanvee and her family.

She wrote, “This post can only explain so much, I went through this and a lot more throughout my abusive relationship with Abhishek, the list is inexhaustive. He has caused so much more damage but this is all I could put into words to share with you.”

“I am here now, asking you not to associate with him, or his enablers, and to warn people who do associate with him. I do not seek sympathy, seek accountability. Even though it might not make up for the pain, suffering and trauma he has caused, this is how I chose to deal with the weight I’ve been carrying for long.”

It’s not even a month completed to the Delhi case of a husband who killed his wife on a street surrounded with people, and here this case also explains how our loved ones can also make damage to our life in any form. The relationship of Tanvee and Abhishek might have ended but this pain, this hurt and this disgraceful love story will remain same for the life time.

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