T10 Musical Artist: Everything you need to Know

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Tyron Tennessee , Born October 6, 1997, professionally known as, T10 Musical Artist is an American rapper & song-writer from New Orleans, Louisiana. His unique style of trap melody is making him popular with time, After Recently dropping his single “Big Foot”, he  attracted many fans around the world after multiple viral clips surfaced on the internet. 

What is T10 Famous for?

T10 got popular after the release of his music video, “Grandson for president“. Shortly after, he released a song called “Big Foot” which gained a tremendous amount of popularity amongst social media channels such as TikTok, Twitter & Thriller. 

His Early Life

Born on October 6, 1997, in the Saint Thomas Project , in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. T10 Musical Artist is an Black African American, who is 6 ft 1 inch tall & his Zodiac sign is a Libra. 

Even though his childhood wasn’t as pleasant, as he wanted it to be, he made sure he made the best of it. “At just 11 months, he was crawling round the house beating on pots… I knew he was going be doing music one day”, his mother says. 

With a tremendous amount of support from his  fans & family, he started his music career. 

T10’s Career

As mentioned that T10 started rapping at the age of 6. His childhood inspirational artists were American rappers like Lil wayne, Drake, and others. In 2019, he started making freestyles & starting going viral and soon became famous all over the world. As time passed, he developed a mainstream fan base & started Producing quality music. He is also a High School graduate, who attended Landry Walker Highschool. T10 is a member of a New Orleans rap label called “5ng”, owned by himself. 

After a few years, he took his music career seriously, when his cousin “Herb” died April 29, 2015. He started making more melody & commercial music, which led to him gaining national recognition, from fans around the world, when he released his single “Jump Out Gang pt.2”, currently at 884,000 Views.

Since then, he has been working on his new projects and never stopped learning more. 

His first ever project was a mixtape called “TheMask1”. He dropped 2 videos “Big Foot” and “grandson for president” off the mixtape. 

His albums and songs are available on all platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and more.

Achievements & Highlights

  • Creator of viral TikTok song 
  • Owner of 5ng record label 

Upcoming & Current Plans

He currently working on making his music more essential & popular among the listeners. He plans on doing a tour in the summer 2021. 

Stay connected with T10 Musical Artist:

Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/T10MusicalArtist/

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