Sushant Singh Rajput’s Therapist Discloses Details With Media And We Face Dilemma-Ethical Or Unethical That Is The Question?


Ever since the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise has broken ample speculations related to his case are made by different people. Taking from his family members to industry people, his friends, and even doctors all have come up with their points and angles to the case. Also, there was chaos going on about which state police are more efficient Maharashtra or Bihar, accusations were made on Mumbai police.  Then people also created pressure for CBI inquiry and eventually now the case is investigated by CBI.

Rhea Chakraborty is one of the main suspects in the case. She has been accused by Sushant’s family with serious allegations like abetment to suicide. Amidst all these mayhem How can Indian Media not indulge themselves into this! Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has become a scoop for them. Media trials, sensationalizing the news these qualities are synonymous with the Indian media houses.

Other revelations come out based on Sushant’s case from his therapist Susan walker. In an interview, she stated that “Sushant suffered from bipolar disorder.” Well, already Sushant’s case seen many bizarre revelations this adds up to that list. But literally, I had a question that has she lost her mind? How can a therapist discloses such sensitive information about his client directly to media who has the habit of bringing down important issues to cheap levels who have already put journalistic ethics on toss!

It is such an irresponsible act a therapist could do. If she had such serious information pertaining to the case then she should have first informed it to his parents and his family members. Why she didn’t record her statement with the police. And above that, she is supporting Rhea Chakraborty who is a prime suspect in the case.

Why would one believe the therapist! If she is correct then why did it took so long for her to come out with this information almost after two months? She has betrayed her client and patient who put faith in her. She has broken the confidentiality.

Every other day someone comes in the media from nowhere and makes claims about Sushant.   It is a criminal case now so anything related to it shall be shared with police and responsible authorities first rather than publishing it in media. Everyone is trying to gain something of their interest from this case which is very unfortunate and saddening. It is definite that justice and truth have to prevail and fair investigation has to be done but code of conduct, seriousness, decorum has to be maintained in such cases.

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