Style Check: Here’s How BTS’ diverse Style On Weverse Magazine For BE Album, Defines Their Unique Persona!

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BTS has grown to be the most popular band all over the world with their heartfelt songs and soothing melodies. We can say that they are a group of perfectionists who does everything as the name said with perfection. Not only in the area of songs but in fashion to they are very particular about their status in the public. But we can’t say enough about them, as they just make everything they wear very cool and stylish. Around the end of 2020, we witnessed an example of their fashion sense bring out their personality with their clothes in an interview and photoshoot for BTS BE. We have listed down  BTS members telling you about their personalities shown through their clothing.

1. Jimin
Starting with Jimin he is considered to the king in basic clothing. Just a normal tee shirt and jeans will also look very fashionable when it’s Jimin who’s wearing it. Well, nothing about his personality can be said basically as he is smart and hardworking in his work. He loves using simple plain color and simple design which brings out his ‘chic look’. In the recent interview, we see him wearing black and gold checks jacket with a plain black shirt and black jeans. Tho this may look like a simple design but Jimin has yet again managed to surprise us by looking so dashing and charming in this outfit. He can make anything look good.

J-hope can be said to be the most versatile of all the BTS members. He is very much interested in fashion as at one time he can be looking like a K-Pop idol and turn into a perfect boyfriend material in the blink of an eye. His fashion sense can make him walk between the fine line of totally fancy and subtly elegant. His personality is just like water it can take up any form. In the interview, he appears to wear a cute winter collection, a black and yellow simple designed sweater and a full-sleeved t-shirt inside, and black jeans. The outfit sure looks cute on him making him win over a lot of hearts.

3. V
Talking about V we can say that he has a pretty unique sense of fashion. Apart from others, V likes to wear colors different patterns on himself making a wide range of combinations. His style of fashion can be said as an open or free type of fashion which is him in general as well. He does have a free and wild personality and clearly shows it through his clothing. His latest fashion combination and seen in the interview showing his wild personality he wears a woolen jacket and black jeans looking all attractive.

4. Jin
Jin has a warm and loving personality. That being said his idea for fashion displays the warmth that he gives out to his fans. Jin is not a fancy guy and loves keeping everything simple but it’s not like a Lazy simple. He can pull off a “sophisticated simple” style. He does love wearing a lot of hoodies and sweatshirts and is fancy with the color pink which suits his personality. In this interview, we can see him wearing a simple woolen sweatshirt looking all cute and charming.

5. Junkook
The good-looking athletic boy in the group and dress up like a king when he needs to. When he had to dress up he looks incredibly handsome and hot to the fans. It’s just his magic over his clothes that he can look like the most handsome person in the world. His enthusiastic and energetic personality can be sensed through his clothing. In the interview, he is wearing a black and white striped turtle neck along with black jeans.

6. RM
RM has a different style than the rest. He loves to have layers of clothes just like the multilayers of personality he has. Many of his fans can say that RM’s style of clothing can be said as “The Peak of Mix and Match”. He knows how to make good use of his accessories on his clothing. He can make a simple pair of clothes when combined with his appearances, they end up looking semi-formal and simply modern chic. In the interview, he also appears to be wearing a black turtle neck with a simple graphic design.

7. Suga
Sugar has a very bold and feisty personality which he shows properly through his clothing. He loves to make bold statements through his clothes wearing a jacket or bright colors and he always tops off with a beanie or a baseball cap. In the interview, we can see his bold side when he wears his dashing black jacket and a polka dot shirt inside giving a hipster-like of look.

Talking about their fashion we cannot forget to mention the stylists working in the background.  Som Han is their hairstylist. Darum Kim and  Yuri Seo are their makeup, artists. Hajeong Lee and Hyesu Kim are their styles who have worked hard behind the stage for the members of the band to look so stunning and dashing. Not to forget a very special thanks to weverse for these pictures and the interview of the boys we ARMY admire your work alot!

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