Strange but real ice-cream flavours you would never believe exists!


Ice cream is the perfect treat for any season. In the summer, you can cool off from a delicious scoop of your favourite flavour of ice cream and in the winter, you can bring out the best in the cold weather by enjoying your favourite slice of hot pie accompanied by your favourite flavour of ice cream. Rather than fussing over what to eat for dessert, just bring out the ice cream. Everyone loves a good scoop of their favourite flavours. Its simple to make and serve, making it the perfect treat for families, parties, and other events.

Ice cream can be served many different ways. In a cup, in a cone, in a double cone—the possibilities are endless. You can take your favourite frozen treat with you wherever you go when it’s wrapped nicely in a cone. Keep one hand free and hold tight to your double scoop of goodness in the other.
But do you know, apart from flavours you know, there are many more strange flavour around the world and which people even enjoy! So let’s have a look at them..

1. Goat Cheese Beet Swirl

The inspiration for this combo came from Samantha Kopicko’s daily meal of a spinach, beet and goat cheese salad, which she decided to turn into a rich dessert. Well, almost — she skipped the spinach. Made with a goat cheese base and housemade beet syrup, it’s earthy and creamy, and mixes sweet and savory flavors. “Luckily,” says Kopicko, “it tastes nothing like that salad, but it does hit some of the same notes.”

2. Lobster Ice Cream

In an era of seemingly limitless ice cream flavors, Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium is a forerunner. The seaside institution has been serving vanilla scoops churned with real lobster meat since 1988. Not everyone enjoys the combination, but plenty of patrons describe lobster and ice cream as pairing pretty well: The buttery vanilla matches the buttery lobster (which repudiates the belief that seafood and dairy should not mix). But if you order it and aren’t a fan, fear not: If you avoid the chunks of lobster, you’re just another person enjoying vanilla ice cream on a sunny day.

3. Ube Purple Yam Ice Cream

Ube ice cream is a Filipino ice cream flavor prepared using ube (purple yam) as the main ingredient. This ice cream is often used in making the dessert halo-halo. Due to its vivid violet color and mildly sweet and nutty taste, ube has been a staple of Filipino desserts, most notably ube halaya. Ube ice cream has risen in popularity outside the Philippines, due to its use by Filipino immigrants in restaurants (often with halo-halo), its vivid violet color and the spread of its pictures on social media.

4. Horse flesh Ice Cream

There are two dozen attractions within Tokyo’s indoor amusement park, Namja Town, but it would be easy to spend all of your time there pondering the many out-there flavors at Ice Cream City, where Raw Horse Flesh, Cow Tongue, Salt, Yakisoba, Octopus, and Squid are among the flavors that have tickled (or strangled) visitors’ taste buds. Horseradish ice cream doesn’t sound very appealing, unless perhaps it’s served with a nice medium-rare steak. However, that doesn’t stop certain ice cream parlors around America from serving the flavor.

5. Kimchi Ice Cream

Kimchi is a Korean superfood made from fermented vegetables and chilies. The folks at Smitten Ice Cream decided to churn some into their frozen treats, and something tells me it’s worth the risk.

6. Summer-Corn Ice Cream

Summer corn and ice cream are both staples of the warm season, so why not combine the two? Humphry Slocombe thought it sounded like a good idea, too!

7. Garlic Caramel Swirl

The folks at The Hop Ice Cream decided to add everyone’s favorite bread topping into their ice cream. Caramel makes everything taste great, so this is definitely worth a try.

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