These Three Spy Thriller Films On Netflix Based On Real Operations Of Mossad Are Exciting & Gives Experience Of Super Thrill


Netflix as an OTT giant has a plethora of content for its viewers. It is a hub of varied content which the audience can choose according to their preferences. Different genres taking from romantic comedy to horror, documentaries, suspense thriller, and more are available. One such genre that interested people is ‘Spy Thriller.’

There are many fictional and non-fictional spy thriller films and web shows on Netflix. Spy thrillers are always exciting. Spies are the intelligence officers who work for their country by being the watchdog in other countries. They are the heroes of their countries in disguise. They conduct various covert operations. Spy thrillers are the stories of espionage carried out especially for political and military gains.

Every country has its military secret service agency. Israel has one of the best and most powerful secret service agencies in the world called ‘Mossad.” It primarily covers foreign intelligence, collecting information on overseas developments that might threaten Israeli interests and security. The agency runs covert operations. They have carried out some greatest crucial missions after its establishment.

Thus a film on such thrilling stories is definitely worth a watch. Netflix has three films on Mossad’s real operations which are suspense thriller and will keep you at the edge. They are based on spine chilling operations carried out by Mossad. Here we take a look:


This film is based on the operations carried out by Mossad agents to trace down and assassin Palestinian terrorists who had killed the group of Israeli athletes in the 1972 summer Olympics in Germany. The Munich massacre was a bloody assault. A secret Israeli revenge squad was created to kill those responsible. The film concludes that although nine of the 11 were eventually eliminated. The film is made by renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg. The way the operations are projected in the film makes feel the tension and emotion. It proves why Mossad is the world’s most powerful agency.

The Red Sea Diving Resort:

It is the story about the Ethiopian Jews who were making their way to home country Israel. The Mossad agents had smuggled the Ethiopian jews via Sudan. Sudan was an enemy country tied to the Arab world. The spies ran the hotel called ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ to carry out their operation. They made a fake restaurant that served the real tourists. It was run for more than four years in the early 1980s by operatives from the Mossad. The film stars Chris Evans and directed by Gideon Raff.

Operation Finale:

Helmed by director Chris Weitz the story is about Mossad agents’ quest for Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann back in the 1960s. The movie covers the entire operation, from locating Klement Ricardo and confirming his true identity as Adolf Eichmann, through his hostage, 11-day interrogation, return flight to Israel, and the opening of the trial. Adolf Eichmann has massacred six million jews. He had disappeared after the war and no one knew where he was and changed his identity.  

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